Avenue Q – 2016 Tour

They might look cute and fuzzy but the inhabitants of Avenue Q are anything but. Think The Muppets vs Friends with a sprinkling of satire and downright dirt and you’ll soon come to the conclusion that Avenue Q is definitely not for little monsters…

Princeton is new to Avenue Q; he has just graduated from College and is seeking out his purpose in life. There he meets the girl next door Kate Monster, roommates Rod and Nicky, Lucy the Slut and a whole host of extrovert characters made of both flesh and felt.

With hilarious songs such as The Internet Is for Porn and Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist, whereby the characters tackle totally taboo subjects without batting an eyelid, it is not hard to see how this witty musical comedy scooped three Tony Awards in 2004 for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book.


Despite this show being led by puppet characters, the puppeteers are visible on stage for the audience to see in full view – and what a marvellous job they do. It is almost impossible to distinguish between puppet and puppeteer as each actor has mastered the art of moving their fuzzy friend almost as an extension of themselves.

Sarah Harlington leads the cast as the loveable Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut, providing the voices for both including scenes where both characters argue with each other. Her comedic timing, acting range and stunning voice make her an absolute joy to watch.

Starring as Nicky and the hilarious pervert Trekkie Monster, Stephen Arden is another comedic genius whose range of voices and sheer talent make the show a pure viewing delight. Richard Lowe is also remarkable as Princeton and Rod (who is still coming to terms with his sexuality) and particularly shone in If You Were Gay and My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada.

Other vibrant occupants of Avenue Q include non-puppet characters such as Christmas Eve (Arina II), Brian (Richard Morse) and Gary Coleman (Etisyai Philip) whose strong performances compliment the rest of the cast and provide pure laugh-out-loud moments throughout the show.


With an outstandingly accomplished cast, catchy tunes and a script full of incredible satire and wit, this comedy musical is packed full of naughtiness that only our sweet and fuzzy puppet friends could get away with.

It will suck to be you if you don’t get to the Theatre to see this before it is whisked away to its next destination.

Avenue Q is on at TheRegent Theatre, Stoke on Trent this week until Saturday 26th March. Tickets are available from: www.atgtickets.com/stoke or take a look here for future dates on the tour.

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