Bat Out Of Hell – West End

***Just Announced – Bat Out Of Hell to re-open in London’s Dominion Theatre until June 2018***

Our Review from 2017 at the ENO’s London Colliseum:

Bat Out Of Hell has a point to prove as it takes its classical rock opera to the enormous London Coliseum.

Meat Loaf’s legacy will forever grow with this musical based on his multi platinium album trilogy. Jim Steinman’s unique blend of rock n roll with musical theatre is what makes the Bat Out Of Hell albums stand out amongst the music world. The musical follows Strat, the leader of The Lost, a group eternally young outcasts. He has to rescue Raven from the clutches of Falco who is the leader of the post apocalyptic city of Obsidian.

Starring in the main male role of Strat is Andrew Polec and Christina Bennington takes the lead female of Raven. Raven’s parents, Falco and Sloane, are played by Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton respectively. The role of Tink is played by Aran Macrae, whilst the roles of Zahara and Jagwire are played by Danielle Steers and Don Hartley-Harris. There are plenty of characters with such unique names, such a Giovanni Spano as Ledoux… besides Patrick Sullivan, who plays Blake, which is a nice name of course, and it’s easier to remember than Vanveeteren or Krolocker.

Bat Out Of Hell starts out with a medley of Meat Loaf songs before the action really begins; you’re introduced to the animosity that is between The Lost and Falco’s organisation along with Strat’s desire for Raven. Polec and Bennington are captivating to watch, however I feel that Paradise By The Dashboard Light between Fowler and Sexton was outrageous and had better chemistry. Bennington absolutely owns It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. Dead Ringer For Love by Steers and Hartley-Harris was also a highlight. The acting is pure gold, the chemistry is addictive and the vocals are more than enough to bring the Coliseum down.

The set was absolutely breathtaking with a surprise around every corner. The second half of the Bat Out Of Hell song where the bike dismantles is pure technical genius. Everything from the small pond Fowler dives in to… you know what? Absolutely everything about the set was just fantastic and it really radiated that post apocalyptic feel. Musically this was stunning and there is no argument against it. Everybody involved offered their vocal talents even the ensemble with the harmonies recaptured the magic that Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman created with the album trilogy. Fans will have to tape their mouths shut to try and not sing.

Bat Out Of Hell takes a unique twist with musical theatre and will definitely become a cult classic that could even surpass that. This is the most musically perfect show I’ve ever seen since I started reviewing theatre. Steinman did a decent job with the story, but becomes slightly elusive in a few aspects. The entertainment was non stop, everybody involved put their hearts and souls into this performance and the hard work has really paid off. It was destiny that Bat Out Of Hell The Musical was going to be created whether it was going to be now or in years to come. .

Bat Out Of Hell has recently had a 2 week extension to its run at the London Coliseum, so grab your tickets here to avoid missing out!

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