Blood Runs Deep – Review

Under the direction of Margaret Connell this unlikely thriller takes us down a journey of unknown family pasts and questionable family histories. 

Set within a flat in an undisclosed location, Karen (Emma Vaudrey) and Jake (Brandon Mccaffery) seek isolation from their bludgeoned past of murder and the unknown. It is only when they are greeted by an unwanted visitor Greg (Anthony Costa) pertaining to their, and more specifically Karen’s, past that the story begins to unravel deceit and deep lies that only further substantiate indeed, the name of the play, that Blood does in fact, Run Deep. 

Writers David Paul and Emma Culshaw set a soap style performance within a basic, lightly furnished flat, designed by Laura Murphy, that suggests nothing untoward, suspicious or indeed murderous. It is flipped completely on its axis to be the scene of family unravelling and confusion that leave the audience demanding more, and left questioning the true identity of the mystery accomplice to a murderer who only sits too comfortably within the minds of all involved in this invigorating performance. 

Performances from all actors had its highs and lows. Many an occasion demanding tension and complete attention from the audience, either resulted in awkward or stifled laughter, only to be resolved by the slamming of a door (which regrettably swung back open) or an abrupt unnecessary slumping on the sofa. 

Alice Merivale as Zoe, Jake’s new girlfriend, provided a strong and composed performance as the individual caught in the crossfire of this complicated and yet to be resolved mystery, and maintained a steady rhythm to her performance and input towards the overall story. 

Anthony Costa made his appearance on the stage and presents himself more than the ex Blue quarter, that audiences may have been expecting, and supplies a stable performance that plays on the minds of the audience as to whether he has more to answer for than what is first suggested within this mind bending murderous tale. 

Overall the performers appeared nervous, unfortunately at times, rushing and not delivering lines with integrity. This is not however, to deter audiences from attending as on a whole, it provided a thrilling, piece of theatre, with plenty of on the edge of your seat moments! 

If you want to catch this gripping new psychological thriller, its showing Tuesday 29th October- Saturday 2nd November at the Epstein Theatre Liverpool. 

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Laura has a Masters in Performance from Liverpool Hope University.

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