Bodyguard – UK Tour

Bodyguard The Musical starring Alexandra Burke certainly does not disappoint!

The production is based on the Warner Bros screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan – originating in 1975; it was a long journey for this film – at first facing countless rejections and harsh criticism.

After successfully proving it’s worth, the film ‘The Bodyguard’ became the second highest-grossing film of 1992 worldwide, and taking on its first stage musical debut in the West End in 2012 – continuing to tour the UK, landing in Liverpool from the 26th February to the 9th March 2019.

The show opens in spectacular style.

Alexandra Burke bursts onto the stage playing Rachel Marron, performing fast paced choreography and delivering soulful vocals as we are introduced to the first of many loved Whitney Houston hits. With impressive strobe lighting, bursting fire, fabulous costumes and hunky backing dancers, Alexandra Burke embodies the ‘Queen of The Night’ as she opens the show, with the audience feeling the heat!

The musical throughout stays quite true to the film, keeping the same storyline but offering a nice mixture of humour, nostalgia and tension, with director Thea Sharrock taking the production to new levels and dimensions only possible on stage. Through both acts, the set transforms continuously and seamlessly – quickly providing the contrast contrast between large production numbers, and moments of dialogue  – a credit to Set designer Tim Hatley.

Alexandra Burke certainly owns her role and is a multi-talented performer that goes far beyond that of just an average X Factor singer. Her performance provided a fitting tribute to Whitney Houston and her challenging songs were delivered note perfect.

Other stand-out performances were from that of Micha Richardson playing Nicki Marron, Rachels sister, who’s vocals were equally as breathtaking as that of Alexandra Burke’s, with their voices complimenting each others perfectly, particularly in ‘Run to you’ and ‘I Have Nothing’ which are sure to provide the goosebumps and make your hairs stand on end! Another mention goes out to Benoît Marèchal, playing the influential Frank Farmer – the bodyguard of Rachel Marron. Their whirlwind relationship takes a dramatic turn when he saves her from her stalker and we watch the tensions unfold in a head over heart turmoil and a confusion of feelings that emerge. A particuarly humorous moment is the Karaoke scene, where Frank is tormented into singing, proving he really should stick to his day job – to the audience’s delight.

Performances from all the cast were highly commendable, Phil Atkins as the Stalker portrayed the perfect bad guy image, leaving the audience feeling tense. He certainly caught the audiences attention.

After dramatic turns and plenty of “edge of your seat” moments, the production culminates in a wonderful encore with some of Whitney’s most famous songs. With songs such as ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ – an apreciative audience jumped to their feet to enjoy the last few moments. It was then extremely apparent how much a packed auditorium had enjoyed the performance and how much of an impact Whitney Houston’s songs have made through the last few decades.

This 5 star, highly recommended musical is sure to impress, a dazzling performance from start to finish!

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Laura has a Masters in Performance from Liverpool Hope University.

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