Cabaret From the Shadows – presented by Teatro Pomodoro

The Warehouse Theatre was packed for the first Friday night performance of the Angel Field Festival based at Liverpool Hope University’s Creative Campus. A highly anticipated return of Teatro Pomodoro’s  Nordic Fringe Network award winning show Cabaret From the Shadows was on offer. The stage draped darkly in torn circus fabric, as the lights revealed five wide eyed, colourfully clothed performers who captured the imagination from the off. Delightfully delivering their intentions for the evening as they expressed “we have come to read your minds” from then on, a satirical whirlwind began exploring the dark depths of your fairground of thoughts.

The show brought together the realm of dark clown and Bouffon, whilst dismantling the weird and wacky world we live in and its stereotypes. Furthermore, the show cynically commented on current affairs, making the audience question reality, human nature, sex, politics and the queen herself, whilst never failing to ask the question – why?

This obscene piece of theatre put together through a tummy hurting series of montages, comical songs and magic, tantalised and amused throughout.  Although some moments really challenged an audience’s moral compass, as it pushed the boundaries of social etiquette. Although, the nervy audience was infiltrated and exposed, they couldn’t wait to become a part of this expert ensemble, with moments of participation in a variety of oddities, from signing marriage certificates to painting an actor yellow, it felt almost rude not to get involved.

The troupe made up of Carmen Arquelladas, Duncan Cameron, Leebo Luby, Miwa Nagai and Simone Tani, delivered a beautifully dark mind-altering performance with an impressive use of vocal range, facial expressions and physical theatre. Produced by the precise RJ Lloyd, it was universally clever and could be constantly revamped and rebooted to remain current. The lyrics of one of the last songs “Life is good for me, smile on my face, everything’s ace, life is good for me!” left an audience juxtaposed between happy and sad, whilst fundamentally leaving a lasting impression. This performance revamped my interest in clowning and its importance on the stage, which was particularly fitting in a setting that Chaplin once visited.

Teatro Pomodoro’s next show Sirens, Men and Crabs A shipwrecked Odyssey will be at the Unity Theatre Liverpool on the 23rd, 24th, & 25th April 2020. Go and see it! We are sure it will be mind-bendingly funny.

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Sheldon is an actor, writer, and drama facilitator originally from Bolton, now based in Liverpool. He has a Master's in Performance and a Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and is a co-founder of Ami Theatre Company.

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