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Cast announcement for European premiere of Richard Foreman’s ZOMBOID!


Davey Green (Ben), Tommy Papaioannou (Max)Georgia Small (Hannah) and Nikitas Stamoulis (Karl) will star in the eagerly awaited European premiere of ZOMBOID! by the multi award-winning stalwart of the New York avant-garde, Richard Foreman.

The film-performance theatre project plays at The Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre from 2 – 7 December with press night on Tuesday 3 December. It is the third and final part of the year long season of work Foreman At Fifty exploring Foreman’s 50 year career as a theatre maker. Originally staged in 2006 at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater in New York, ZOMBOID! is one of Foreman’s final theatre pieces and once again smashes theatrical conventions to smithereens with its use of filmed footage and live stage action.

ZOMBOID! is directed and designed by Patrick Kennedy and is produced by Patrick Kennedy Phenomenological Theatre.

Combining filmed footage with live stage action, five lost souls wander through an otherworldly landscape surrounded by stuffed donkeys, blindfolds and giant eyeballs. 

ZOMBOID!  is a deeply shrewd, multi-layered radical art experience which covertly opens a peephole into modern life and the effects of mass communication and information. It tells you more than any possible news bulletin about the secret forces at work in the depths of our live experience.