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On one very special night of the year, all the Jellicle cats come together to celebrate at the Jellicle Ball. Tonight their leader, Old Deuteronomy, will announce which Jellicle cat will be reborn into a whole new Jellicle life.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s record-breaking Oliver award nominated musical has come straight from the London Palladium after a run of sell-out performances for a fresh, revamped tour.  Comprising of an incredible cast, a stunning set and an unforgettable score, CATS is a truly magical musical like none other.

Cats (5), photo by Alessandro Pinna

This spectacular musical is adapted from TS Eliot’s ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ – a book which Lloyd Webber recalls as being a childhood favourite. With the Eliot estate asserting that Webber write no script and use only the original poems as text, the musical has a very loose plot that involves mainly the introduction of many different Jellicle cats, all hoping to be the one to journey to the Heaviside layer to be reborn into a new life.

From the moment you step through the auditorium doors the impressive junk-yard set by John Napier takes your breath away. After a huge build-up of tension the Jellicle cats tentatively appear and from then on the magic ensues and the stage comes alive with Tabby’s, Persians, Siamese and a whole host of other frivolous felines.

Emily Langham (Rumpleteazer) and Joe Henry (Mungojerrie), photo by Alessandro Pinna

Every single member of this cast is superb. Each actor’s catlike movements are remarkable, and each cast member slinks through the aisles in parts, giving the audience a chance to see the exquisite costumes and makeup up-close. The choreography by Gillian Lynne mimics the feline agility of cats and closely resembles the original choreography.

Stand out performances come from Matt Krzan as the narrator Munkustrap, Lucinda Shaw as the Old Gumbie Cat Jennyanydots and Kevin Jones as the leader of the tribe Old Deuteronomy.

Greg Castiglioni (Growltiger), photo by Alessandro Pinna

For fans of the show they will notice some subtle changes to this new touring version. Marcquelle Ward is a rapping, break dancing cat who provides a renewed version of the playful prankster Rum Tum Tugger. The show-stopping moment came from Marianne Benedict as Grizabella the worn-out glamour cat who excelled herself with the smash-hit ‘Memory’ to a teary eyed audience.

Theatre goers both young and old will adore this musical that is purr-fect for all the family. Every musical number is superb and comes complete with a stage full of vibrant colour, elegant movement and the sound that the cast makes when they all sing together is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Cats (3), photo by Alessandro Pinna

Cats plays The Regent Theatre, Stoke until Saturday 11th September. Order your tickets at

Do not miss out on the chance to see this incredible musical. Full tour details here:

And remember, a cat is not a dog.

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