Cinderella – Stoke-on-Trent Panto

Panto season returns to the Regent Theatre with the incredibly popular adaption of one of our favourite fairy-tale ladies…Cinderella! Jonathan Wilkes returns to Stoke to star as the forever loveable Buttons alongside Christian Patterson; who not only wrote the panto, but also joins Simon Nehan to pair as the Ugly Sisters.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past century, the story of Cinderella is well known to everyone else. It follows a young lady who worked right to the bone by her so called family. Specifically in this pantomime she is consistently bullied by her sisters. Poor little Cindy needs to break away and eventually meets Prince Charming in the woods, but they get separated quickly. Charming being so… charming, decides to throw a ball in order to find his one and only with invitations to every woman in the land.

The first act introduced us to most of the story. The wonderful blend between the comic relief characters and the protagonists jelled together perfectly. The story was simple and sweet. The second act was mostly focused on getting some action out of the dedicated audience. It worked eventually, finally waking everybody up in the crowd with endless jokes and comical interaction.


The interaction with the crowd got more warming throughout the night and completely piped up when “12 Days Of Christmas” was song and toilet rolls were flung into the crowd. The hilarious sexual innuendos and wise cracking topical jokes add some flair to this amazing performance. Cinderella had an incredible set that was decorative and mesmerizing. The horse and carriage was the breathtaking point that the quality of this production became truly apparent. The play was filled with chart topping tunes and even some nods to songs that were huge a few years ago.

Wilkes was as thoroughly entertaining as ever and gave the crowd plenty to hype about with bundles of jokes. Finley Guy (Cinderella) deserved more stage time as she is absolutely perfect and Hannah Potts (Fairy Cupcake) was sweet and adorable. The Ugly Sisters were hilarious even when things buggered up a slight, with Rihanna falling all over the place during “12 Days…” Everybody involved did their absolute best and it paid off spectacularly.

Cinderella once again raises the bar and blows away expectations of what is one of the must see pantomimes of the year. It is vibrant and energetic; this year could not have a better cast and story. It was forever engaging and entertaining. A hardworking cast ensures this Panto is one that the audience will never forget. I didn’t even know Wiggly Woo was a thing until now…you see, it’s already engraved into my mind as a fond theatre outing.

This theatre’s panto already has a reputation for being one of the best each year. This one might well be their best one yet.

CINDERELLA plays the Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent until Sunday 8th January 2016. To book tickets visit


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