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The Comedy About A Bank Robbery


Currently at home at the Criterion Theatre in the heart of Piccadilly in London’s West End is a fabulously entertaining new play from Mischief Theatre, the makers of “The Play That Goes Wrong”.

From the outset, farce ensues and the audience is laughing within a minute of the cast walking on stage.

It all starts when a plan is hatched to steal a rare diamond that will be in a local bank at a particular time, from within a prison cell. Nobody knows, because everyone has only told one person! So the secret is safe. One break-out, a reunion with a surprised girlfriend and the collaboration of an unlikely team of bank robbers later – they’re ready.

The bank is terribly ran by Robin Freeboys (who on this occasion was played superbly by Mike Bodie) and his chaotic team who allow for a less than perfect robbery to commence.

Hannah Boyce in the role of Caprice, the bank managers daughter, is a joy to watch. Her love triangle between Sam and Mitch provides it’s own insane level of hilarity – particularly when everyone is in the same place at the same time.

It’s not just the world class comedy acting that this company does extremely well. The set is a clever large box that unfolds to forms the bank and gets neatly tucked away. There is also a more simplistic transition when in the car, with clever use of cast to make the vehicle and headlights – particularly impressive when the car lands in water. Most impressively of all is when the set is transformed to give the audience a top-down view on the bank and you see cast members on office chairs, horizontally, on the back wall of the stage.

All cast are big characters and hilarious in their own right. Tania Mathurin is delightful in the role of Ruth Monaghan, (mother to crook Sam) and turns out to have one up on them all! She is stunning to watch throughout and accompanies some transitions vocally too – a woman of many talents.

Jeremy Lloyd does is wonderful as “Everyone Else”. He instantly changes from one character to another in one particularly challenging scene and hilariously fills in a wide range of roles throughout the show.

The fun of this show cannot be underestimated and there’s only one way to find out. When you’re next in London, you know what to do. There are many options in London’s West End, but this is not one to miss.

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is currently playing at the Criterion Theatre – for more information and to book your tickets visit: