The Crucible – UK Tour

The Crucible is without doubt one of the most performed masterpieces that was created by the great Arthur Miller.

The original production was first performed in 1953 and has since become an iconic play that has never seemed to age. Not many plays can document issues with public affairs as accurately as Miller did with this and what is more amazing is how it is still relevant to what is going on in the world today. It gives a reality check on how society really works when it comes to officials representing power and also a social commentary of community unrest.

The cast is a huge one and it’s decorated with so much talent and experience. Tonight is led by Charlie Condou as Reverend Hale; an actor who has proven his trade, he widely known as Marcus Dent off Coronation Street. Eoin Slattery plays the main role as John Proctor and Victoria Yeates plays his wife Elizabeth. Lucy Keirl plays troublemaker Abigail Williams and Jonathan Tafler plays the strong yet naive Judge Danforth. David Delve plays the somewhat comic relief character Giles Corey. This production of The Crucible is already an acclaimed piece of theatre, but how did it do tonight?

Tonight added some new life into the classic play with some incredible acting displays from everyone. The subject of witchcraft becomes even more interesting with the politics behind the story. The whole sense of paranoia created such an unrest that made this play enjoyable in such an unusual way. Slattery was absolutely brilliant as John Proctor providing a performance to really test your emotions. Keirl plays Abigal Williams beautifully as the character you love to hate and Condou nails the depth of Hale’s character splendidly. The acting was incredibly fluid which is absolutely crucial to make something like this engrossing.

The stage set was a basic set which included props such as gigantic walls (with pretty nice trees to be honest), household furniture and even a pot of soup! The lightly smoked up stage added splendidly to the gothic theme The Crucible portrays. The stage changes were rather lengthy, but the loud eerie music does keep you grounded and uneasy. The set seems to feel somewhat metaphorical as less stuff would be on the stage the more the plot unravels. The set has an incredible representation for the ending; an epic conclusion to the story in such a dark manner.

The Crucible is completely engrossing from start to finish with its gripping story that is an outstanding twist of events. This impressive production opens your eyes and gets those clogs in your brain turning. The paranoia around the characters is forever enjoyable as you never know who turns against who. Fans of Arthur Miller should definitely watch this incredible production of The Crucible. Even if you’ve never heard of The Crucible, this play is absolutely eye opening and with such an incredible production like this it should be on your list of things to do. The Crucible is a fluid and thought provoking play that you will regret missing out on.

The Crucible is on at the Manchester Opera House until 13th May. Tickets are available through this link here.

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