David Monteith-Hodge’s new short film documenting Theatres in Lockdown now live

Theatres in Lockdown is a filmic journey around 53 of London’s most iconic theatres during the  nation’s second lockdown. Created by filmmaker and photographer David Monteith-Hodge, the  film is a striking cinematic collage of the exterior of the city’s theatres, a reminder of the  

importance of our communal spaces in this time of crisis.  

After seeing stirring images of London’s deserted theatres during the first lockdown, David was  inspired to take this further by merging photography with aspects of documentary filmmaking. 

The resulting film captures eerily quiet train carriages, empty Underground stations and closed  theatre entrances, some with signage alerting the public that they hope to reopen soon. The  

visual imagery is accompanied by the soundscape of a muted London. 

David comments, When the country closed down for the first time, I, like many other artists,  

struggled with the motivation to be creative and felt guilty for not being able to do so. During  

this second lockdown I finally felt able to pursue a passion project like this one. I wanted to use  

the short film to make a statement about the importance of taking care of ourselves and others  by inviting the viewer to join me on my journey of ‘checking in’ on London’s theatres, an  

experience which aided my own mental health. I hope the absence of people in the shots of the  

theatres reminds the viewer to think about the staff and freelance artists who would usually be  inhabiting those buildings and creating exciting and valuable work. 

Many theatres across the country had to close their doors a second time after navigating the  

logistics of socially distanced performances. The film is intended to inspire people to support  

their local theatres and practitioners in any way they can during these hard times.

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Kath is an actor, singer and writer with a passion for theatre. She has been reviewing for At The Theatre since 2014. Kath has a Masters in Performance at Liverpool Hope University and is Creative Engagement Worker for B arts, a participatory arts organisation.

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