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Dirty Dancing is the iconic 1987 film that has proved just as much of a hit in theatres. The producers have brought this movie classic back for a new 2016/17 tour after a huge sell-out success in 2014 and it seems just as popular this time round.

Superb dance numbers are sprinkled throughout as the love story of Baby and Johnny slowly develops.

There’s been no expense spared with the set, which has to be seen to be believed. An incredible set of turning structures provide a wide range of settings. Impressive to say the least.

Two iconic scenes are also brought to life by a very clever use of projection onto a front gauze – which brings a whole new dimension to the production.

One unusual part to the show was that it appears to have a live band but when you watch them play, it becomes clear that they are actor/musicians playing over a track. So the music in this tour is not live – even though it appears to be. The track was a little loud throughout but to be fair, the vast majority of what was said during the musical numbers could be heard. A live band would have been a welcome addition to a production of this size.

The music within the show, of course, is superb. Timeless tracks that provide a perfect backdrop to the action.

Baby (Katie Hartland) and Johnny’s (Lewis Griffiths) chemistry is a joy to watch. Hartland convincingly develops her ability to dance throughout the show and Griffiths is equally convincing with his developing feelings for her.

Griffiths would appear to gain many fans at each performance, particularly in moments where he is wearing a little less than usual. Although audience members would be wise to remember that shouting out as a “love scene” develops can be very off-putting for cast and audience.

Dirty Dancing Tour

The finale is a spectacle within itself. Stunning choreography celebrates the culmination of the story and is worth the ticket money alone. The cast as a whole are capable and together throughout the show, but must especially love being part of the finale.

This production is going to get better and better throughout the tour and I would like to see it again in a few months time to see the progression.

I can only imagine Friday and Saturday night performances of this show are electric.

Dirty Dancing plays the Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent until Saturday 12th November 2016 before continuing the UK Tour. To buy tickets visit atgtickets.com/stoke. The UK tour continues until September 2017 – full tour details are available here.

Dirty Dancing Tour

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