Dreamgirls (UK Tour Review)

Casey Nicholaw directs and choreographs the incredible West End production of Henry Krieger and Tom Eyen’s musical, DREAMGIRLS, and it has arrived at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

Showing strong similarities to the original story of the Supremes, DREAM GIRLS Tells the tale of three talented singers on the hunt for stardom, Deena, Lorrell, and Effie. We experience the battle of the voices and the breakup of relationships, during the Dreamers journey to the top.

Throughout the first act, the three aspiring youngsters, transform into powerful women, ready to take to the stage. Perfectly morphing in persona and costume, this was cleverly captured by set and costume designer, Tim Hartley. The staging also followed the same progression, appearing quite simplistic at the beginning, and then becoming a glitz and glam, disco extravaganza, during some of the big musical numbers.

Jimmy, who was played by Brandon Lee Sears, had the audience roaring with laughter. With his energetic personality and his soul-splitting dance moves, he provided a lot of the comic relief throughout the production, especially in Act 2 when he gave the audience a real show during the number, ‘I meant you no harm’.

The Dreamers trio really were captivating to watch, with their seamless harmonies and soulful voices, the level of talent surpassed my expectations. Deena Jones, played by Natalie Kassanga, and Lorrell Robinson, played by Paige Peddie, sang beautifully throughout and each of them individually got to show off their impressive vocal abilities during their solo numbers.

All of the cast performed incredibly well, but the real star of the show was the character with the big voice with the big dreams, Effie White, who was played by Nicole Raquel Dennis. The audience were left gasping with disbelief after her performance of the much loved and well known heartbreak ballad, ‘And I am telling you I’m not going.’ I truly don’t think I have seen such a breathtaking live rendition of the song, and I was truly astounded at what I had witnessed on the Liverpool Empire stage. The audience gave Nicole a well deserved standing ovation and went wild with applause after the song had finished. Closely second came the performance of ‘Listen’ which happened towards the end of Act 2, and was sang as a duet between Effie and Deena. Again, this number gave the tear- inducing, goosebumps feel, that is expected when listening this eagerly anticipated song.

The production really does have everything that you would want from a musical number. The talent is exceptional, the songs are highly catchy entertaining, and the story is full of passion and soul!

This is not one to miss!

DREAMGIRLS is showing at the Liverpool Empire Theatre from, Tuesday 14 Dec 2021 – Saturday 1 January 2022.

Overall rating – 5 stars

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Laura has a Masters in Performance from Liverpool Hope University.

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