The Empty Nesters’ Club – UK Tour

As more and more young people set their sights on University – more and more parents are having to get used to the “empty nest syndrome” that follows. A mixture between sheer elation and utter loss follows the initial shock. Relationships are tested, new possibilities emerge… and that’s all before they move back in.

This production is the latest in a long line of scripts from John Godber (inspired by his own personal experience this time) who has written no less than 30 theatre productions, written for TV and film, won an Olivier award, practices as a professor at Liverpool Hope and visiting professor/fellow at other major institutions. Starting off his career as a Drama Teacher he’s achieved all this and has also managed to fit in a highly successful 26 year stint at Hull Truck Theatre largely assisting in it’s transformation to what it is today.

In advance of the production you’re already expecting a great script, comedy, emotional turmoil and above all a masterclass in stagecraft – and The Empty Nesters’ Club does not disappoint. Godber is the first to point out in his programme notes that new plays, like this one, need continual improvement and workshops have happened recently to help push this show on further.

It has to be said though, they have clearly found the sweet spot because this show is an entertaining treat that many audience members will be able to relate to. It is very funny overall – you will spend most of Act One laughing at a quip, a clever piece of dialogue or even something that relates all too closely to one of your own experiences.

The standard of the acting in this production is one of the more impressive features. 3 actors and a charismatic stage hand make up the on stage production. Jane Hogarth and Robert Angell as “Mum and Dad” are seasoned, strong actors who perfectly deliver the script as only actors with their depth of experience could.

Josie Morley plays daughter “Mollie”. A relative newcomer to the scene she still has a strong presence and although she has less to do overall, is convincing.

Godber continues to produce excellent work and is ever-popular with audiences, for very good reason.

The Empty Nesters’ Club plays the New Vic Theatre until Saturday 1st April – to buy tickets click here. It tours until the end of April and full tour details are available here.

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