Five Of The Best Musical Moments To Happen In American Animation

The U.S.A is the home to some of the finest animations that have ever appeared on televisions screens across the world.

The Simpsons, for example, will still continue into its 29th and 30th seasons to maintain its crown as one of the longest running shows to ever exist. During a time scale as long as that, there is always room for love inducing musical songs that will remain in your head for days on end. If Family Guy can produce a classic such as A Wonderful Day For Pie then there are loads of other numbers ready to be heard.

So I chose the biggest and the best musical numbers to ever feature in some of the finest American animated shows. Hopefully we have left in at least one surprise for you in this list!

1. The Simpsons


This Mary Poppins joyride perfectly satirises the American Dream and which fans of both the Disney classic and The Simpsons will absolutely adore. You will notice the Quetin Tarantino references too!

2. Daria

Daria The Musical

This musical episode is completely the opposite of what Daria’s character portrays. Honestly, how couldn’t you raise a smile with tunes like Morning In Lawndale popping up?

3. South Park

Bigger, Longer and Uncut

One of the most beautiful yet offensive movies you will ever see. South Park’s musical numbers are absolutely world class; Blame Canada even got nominated for a Grammy Award.

4. Futurama

The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings

The season four finale was the perfect way of ending Futurama’s run on Fox with a guest appearance from The Simpson’s Dan Castellaneta reprising the role of Robot Devil.

5. Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Mayhem Of The Music Meister

Neil Patrick Harris shines throughout this role as Music Meister. This episode was even nominated for an Emmy for its musical numbers.

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