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Five Towns 2020 Shows Announced


Five Towns are excited to announce our 🌟🌟🌟2020 Shows🌟🌟🌟

‼️Registration is now open‼️

Head to our website to register for these spectacular shows.

🗓 19th – 23rd May 2020

Bad Girls introduces us to an anarchic bunch of women on the edge and up against the odds – prostitutes, addicts, shop-lifters, murderers – each with a story to tell of lives left behind and dreams of a better future ahead, and an entrenched old guard of prison officers out to dash their every hope.

🗓 23rd – 27th June 2020

A fabulously fun international award-winning musical based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde The Musical, follows the transformation of Elle Woods as she tackles stereotypes, snobbery, and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. This action-packed musical explodes on the stage with memorable songs and dynamic dances. Equal parts hilarious and heart-warming, this musical is so much fun it should be illegal!

🗓 1st DECEMBER 2019