For Fox Sake – Brighton Fringe Festival – Junkyard Dogs

Premiering its full length performance at Brighton Fringe for three nights only is the electric straight-from-the-newsroom piece ​For Fox Sake​,​ ​from London-based performance art theatre duo Bread&Circuses. Fast-paced and hungry for attention, ​For Fox Sake ​is 45 minutes of manic performance and wild distraction, both energising and horrifying its audience.

It begins in a dark office room, a large screen the only presence on stage. Slowly, it crackles to life, and we are swept into the loud, noisy energy of Fox News. Sole performer Jacob Dale leaps and bounds across the stage in an entertainer-like fashion; perfectly mimicking the ridiculous mannerisms of the Fox newsreaders gesturing behind him.

Bill O’Reilly is a key focus- Dale, appropriately suited in white shirt and red tie, silently shouts in sync with the newsreader, arms flailing, eyes popping as the original performance plays out behind him on the screen. It’s a brilliant demonstration of the clown-like theatre of political news coverage- mostly focusing on the US, but Britain gets a look in too with the infamous Katie Hopkins making an appearance- and ​For Fox Sake f​ ully indulges in its absurdity.

Nic Ramsay’s quick edits drive the piece with a pulsing fury, reaching a crescendo at Fox’s coverage of recent wars and disasters; flashing images of famine and fire cut with close shots of O’Reilly’s fists slamming the news desk; it’s a sickening build up to his eventual (and inevitable) arrest, and is laced with a deep feeling of unease.

An insightful, fresh look at our turbulent political climate, ​For Fox Sake ​is an adrenaline-fueling piece of performance, and here’s hoping it will return to more fringe venues later this year.

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Freya Storch is a writer and actor based in London who specialises in writing for stage and performance. As a performer, she has acted in several productions in and outside of London, acted in film and worked in fashion. She tours the country giving workshops in drama and performance, and continues to teach drama part time. For enquiries/work please contact her directly at

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