Ghost Stories – UK Tour

Head to The Lowry in Salford this week (until Saturday 22nd February) for an exhilarating hour and a half of sheer terror as Ghost Stories arrives on UK Tour.

Four actors and a small production team present the most terrifying show that you may ever see on stage.

Based on the film, Ghost Stories is best viewed live. It’s often said that films are best seen in the cinema – well imagine being sat with over 1000 of your terrified peers as every technical effect meets stunning stagecraft and impeccable storytelling to deliver frightful entertainment at it’s best.

From the moment that the show begins, the tension is built. Even a pre-show announcement reminds you that you cannot be re-admitted should you leave your seats in the next 1 hour and 40 minutes. Fortunately, the show hooks the audience so well that the time flys by, and this doesn’t prove an inconvenience.

Taking the form of a lecture, Ghost Stories explores the tales of a variety of “precipients” that have shared their own story and attempts to explain away the supernatural elements with more realistic likelihoods. The show swiftly moves from lecture theatre to the heart of the story as scenarios are shown to the audience in all their terrifying glory.

Joshua Higgott is convincing as Professor Goodman, giving a lecture on a subject that he seems unsure about. Gus Gordon, Paul Hawkyard and Richard Sutton play the supporting characters who have all come forward with their tales. All play their parts superbly, with a mixture of very serious fear and the comic relief that is littered through the show, much to the audiences appreciation.

Technically, the show is excellent and surely few require the level of concentration that this one does. Throughout the show, the essential supporting roles of lighting and sound are delivered precisely by a capable production team. An intelligent set allows for some spectacular moments and you can’t help but leave the show in absolute awe of what you have just witnessed.

This is, by far, the most scary thing that you will see in a theatre. It is exhilarating bliss. If you are a fan of a thriller then you absolutely must see this tour.

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Rob Stanway is the Founder of At The Theatre. He has reviewed the UK's best touring theatre (and much of the west end) for this website since 2005.

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