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Even to this day there’s not many films that even grace the amount of emotions poured into one motion picture than Ghost. The 1990 classic was an interesting move from Jerry Zucker to direct; he came off the back of comedy classics such as The Naked Gun and Airplane! With Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg heading an almighty cast this was destined to be a timeless classic. Moving a Hollywood blockbuster to the theatre stage is a task that could only please or divide fans, but Ghost The Musical has proven to be a strong example of how to do that properly.

Ghost The Musical features the talents of Andy Moss (Sam), Lauren Drew (Molly), Jacqui Dubois (Oda Mae) and Sam Ferriday (Carl). These are incredibly accomplished people who are out to prove their worth, especially Lauren Drew. Drew stepped in the role of Molly, of what is her professional debut. The music and lyrics are done by Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart and the award winning Glen Ballard, so there’s no worries there! Zucker’s masterpiece is also enlightened by the show’s unique use of illusions and choreography. So, were the die hard fans in for a treat at the Regent Theatre in Stoke?

I can tell you now… they were indeed! The acting was absolutely perfect. If you have watched the film, you would appreciate even more. The chemistry is unbreakable with each character perfected quite close to the film. As expected, Dubois got the most giggle fits as Oda Mae and Ferriday slipped into the twisted mind of Carl. Sam and Molly are heart-warming together, and gelled nicely with every scene. I have to say, I did nearly have a heart attack at the start of the second act, as the thunderous crash nearly spilt my plastic glass of wine on the floor.

The production of the set was absolutely tremendous. I was fearing for the pottery one the shelves falling off when the scene was set at Molly’s place, but thankfully, no pottery was harmed during the making of the musical. Seriously, everything from the streets of Brooklyn to the subway train is superbly done, but I have to say the material the train is made out looks surprisingly comfy. The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” is consistently referenced and proves that the song never seems to age and musically this was flawless. Despite myself not being a fan of the song Focus during the second subway scene, the songs were immense with a personal preference to the solo songs.

Ghost The Musical has tremendous strength when it comes to putting on a unique show with it’s acting, beautiful orchestrated songs and smart illusion effects. The chemistry flowed incredibly as it tributed the best scenes in the film. The cast are untouchable, especially the scenes between Dubois and Moss. Lauren Drew should also be proud of herself for stepping into Molly’s shoes. Seeing this musical would be something you would always treasure. Honestly, who could ever get sick of Unchained Melody?

Ghost plays the Regent Theatre until Saturday 25th March. To book tickets click here to go direct to ATG Tickets.

Ghost – Andy Moss & Carolyn Maitland

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