Heathers the Musical – UK Tour Review


Fierce, funny, shocking and iconic are all words you would use to describe “Heathers the Musical” – a brand new UK Tour, having been gaining momentum within London fringe and subsequently bossing it’s way into the West End, originally a 1989 film.

In a toxic high school heirarchy, the Heathers are IT – nobody would dare to bother them and everyone lives in fear of them. They are the true bosses of Westerberg High, particularly Heather Chandler who dominates with her side-Heathers. Veronica finds herself on their good side, but her love interest, “JD” (the new kid in town), has other ideas for all of the cruel kids at their school.

The show has a cult-like following after tearing through social media and onto playlists worldwide and this cultivated an electric atmosphere in the packed auditorium before the show.

A stunning, rocky musical score packs a punch that grips you from the very beginning of the remarkable opening 15 minute sequence. The scene is set by an impressive Rebecca Wickes in the role of Veronica – she is owning her character, the stage and the 2000 strong audience, backed by a faultless live band.

The choreography by Gary Lloyd is slick throughout with some inspired company numbers that leave you wanting more, delivered by a tireless ensemble who delivered every step with the energy that the show deserves.

Sensational Direction from Andy Fickman sees moments of genius often just behind the key focus. Reactions to dialogue are often hilarious, characters are strong and you cannot take your eyes away from the action.

It is, without a doubt, one of a very few exceptional new musicals that will stand the test of time – and one that every theatre fan should see.

There are however several dark themes throughout including bullying, teen suicide, homophobia, sexual assault and loss to name but a few! These issues are made light with welcome humour but it is worth noting the guidance – it is beyond PG! It is at least slightly unsettling in more than a few moments.

This musical does, though, have it all. An adoring audience gave a huge ovation at the finally and rightly so. A talented young cast gives strong performances across the board, with some real highlights not just from the strong leads but also Georgina Hagen, below, and Mhairi Angus (playing Ms Fleming & Martha Dunnstock respectively) bring the house down with their own special moments in Act 2.

This musical is only playing Liverpool for 1 week, so if you can get one of the hottest tickets in town, then you really should. Tickets are available at ATG Tickets (Click Here for a direct link)

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