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Going to the theatre is usually a immersive 2 hour experience where you can completely appreciate the talent, technicalities and incredible effects that come together to produce a quality piece of entertainment – you know how it’s done and it’s done finely.

But how about a show that leaves you wondering how what you’ve just seen was even possible?

Or was it Impossible? Well it’s just that, Impossible is a collection of the worlds best magicians that will leave you wondering.

The audience is passed from magician to magician as they expertly blow your mind with a mixture of many huge tricks and some smaller tricks performed directly in front of certain audience members with a brilliant use of cameras and screens from around the stage so you can be part of every piece of action.


You may recognise Chris Cox from BBC3’s Killer Magic. He says he’s the mind reader who can’t read minds, but he could have fooled us as he went on to tell a variety of volunteers a range of things that he couldn’t have possibly known. His showmanship and likability was a real show-stealer as he wowed the strong crowd.


Without wanting to spoil any tricks, Jonathan Goodwin leaves jaws wide open with his incredible feats of strength and escapism, including a moment where he completes a task whilst on fire, Josephine Lee produces some illusions that defy all logic and Ben Hart performs a trick with a random audience member that literally leaves you utterly flabbergasted.


This show is different, it’s not your usual theatre show. It’s perfect for men who don’t often visit the theatre and even better for children who can enjoy the absolute mystery that comes with magic.

You can’t not enjoy this – if you’re a fan of magic, or even if you’re a little bit curious, it’s for you.

Impossible plays at The Palace Theatre, Manchester until 26th March. You can buy tickets at the Impossible Tour Website by clicking here »


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