Interview with Divina De Campo, Stacy Layne Matthews, Rob King, David Potts and Julie Hutchison Alberts

We sent our reviewer Laura Mutch to The Liverpool Empire to catch up with the cast of Sinderella – Adult Pantomime.

We interviewed Wicked Step Mother, Baroness DDC aka Divina De Campo (Ru Pauls Drag Race UK), The Fairy Drag HennyStacy Layne Matthews (Ru Pauls Drag Race S3, All Stars S4), Prince Charming – Rob King (2019 BGT Semi Finalist), Prince Charming’s trusted sidekick – Dandini David Potts (Ibiza Weekender, Celebs Go Dating and Celebs on the Farm) and Sinderella – Julie Hutchison Alberts ahead of their Liverpool performance of Sinderella on Wednesday 12th February 2020.

Can you tell us a bit about the show? An adult panto, that seems really exciting! 

David Potts: Its camp, filthy and fabulous! Its amazing because its completely different to a normal panto, and we just get to be very extra…and I like that! 

Pantomime can be a little bit naughty in its self anyway, do you think that this show goes beyond that? 

Divina De Campo: Yes this is past that, this is ‘do not bring your children anywhere near!’

And in the normal traditions of pantomime, is it safe to say that the audience are not safe? Are they going to get involved? 

Rob King: Oh not at all, I said to someone that I know who is sitting on the front row, you are in the splash zone!

Stacy Layne Matthews: I don’t think you have to worry about the Fairy Drag Hinny as she is the in one…when she wants to be. 

Could you tell us a bit about each of your characters in the show? 

David Potts: So I’m playing Dandini, who is the Prince’s right hand man, typically a straight guy, a bit posh, whereas I am completely not. I play the character a bit different and a bit camper… pretty much just playing me! 

Julie Hutchison Alberts: I am playing Sinderella, generally speaking my character is quite traditional because that character is a well known Disney character, but there is a few twists and turns that make it really interesting because she is supposed to be so straight-laced, the fact she is not is really good to play about with. 

Rob King: 

I play Prince Charming, he’s the standard Prince, a bit uptight, a little bit rigid (very me) and looking for love. He doesn’t want to find it in the palace girls he meets but he wants to find it in a normal girl. 

Divina De Campo: I am playing the Wicked Stepmother or the Baroness and obviously I am from royal family myself so I know exactly what its like to be part of the firm. Well she’s just an absolute cow and I love her! 

Stacy Layne Matthews: I play the Fairy Drag Hinny, she has traveled long and far, we don’t know where she comes from, it could be New York, she could be from Australia honey but she is here on a mission and here to get Sinderella… pretty much laid!

In terms of singing, Divina, are we going to hear your FABULOUS falsetto vocals that we heard in Rupaul’s Drag Race UK? 

Divina De Campo: Erm, there might be snippet of it here and there for you to enjoy during the show. 

What are you bringing from the Drag Race experience to this pantomime? 

Divina De Campo: Well I’ve got a red wig and a silver dress on! 

Stacy Layne Matthews: I think that being on Drag Race gives you the opportunity to gain the skills to do things last minute… it gives you that quick wit. What I have learned from being part of this group and especially with pantomime, is that you never know whats going to happen, especially on stage. 

Divina De Campo: And pantomime is very much that, you never know what the audience are going to do, never mind the other people on stage! (Cackles) 

Divina, how are you finding working with Cheryl Hole again? 

Divina De Campo: All of the girls off the show, I absolutely love them, I adore them. Cheryl, myself and Blu Hydrangea, we were quite close on the show and Cheryl was my rail buddy so I saw a lot of Cheryl that nobody needed to see… but yes I am excited to see her again. 

What impact do you think this pantomime will have on people? Do you think that people will want to go and see a normal or traditional pantomime anymore or is this taking things and making it even bigger and more colourful? 

Divina De Campo: I think what has been interesting actually is there has been a shift in panto-land over the last few years, with them taking more Drag Queens rather than just your usual panto dames. I think that Drag Race has fed into that, a lot of people didn’t think that Drag Queens could do all of these different things and so that has been shown to producers and directors and they have sort of thought, well why don’t we try someone else like Drag Queens, and I think its great. 

With the story of Cinderella, we know that she goes to the Ball and she only has until midnight. If you had your own Fairy Godmother and were able to go and spend time anywhere until the clock struck midnight, where would it be and why? 

Stacy Layne Matthews: I would take a nap. 

David Potts: Probably to Ushuaia in Ibiza because it shuts at 12 anyway. 

With you currently being in the wonderful city that is Liverpool, how are you finding it? 

Divina De Campo: I have performed in the Epstein Theatre and when the Lantern was still across the other side of town, which was such a lovely venue and then also in The Royal Court. I really love performing in Liverpool actually, the audiences here are really really great and they are always ready for it. One of the things I love about Liverpool is that everybody has the gift of the gab here. You wouldn’t get it anywhere else, thats what makes Liverpool so fun! 

David Potts: Yes at least we know its going to be a good audience here. 

Divina De Campo: And I’m sure they are gonna be shouting all kinds of things to keep us on our toes. 

Are there any particular standout moments in the show? 

Rob King: There are a lot of standout moments, but we can’t really say much without giving too much away, we want to save that element of surprise. 

Divina De Campo: I actually like Stacy’s number, its great! I think that the audience are going to go completely wild for that. I don’t think you got to sing on Rupaul’s Drag Race did you Stacy? … Stacy has a cracking voice. So I am really excited actually for everyone to hear her sing. 

Are the songs in the show original or cover songs? 

Julie Hutchison Alberts: They are well known songs, but they have completely different arrangements. 

Divina De Campo: Quite a lot of them have different words as well, so you will know the tune but you might not recognise the words, so you do have to listen. 

In traditional panto you have the audience singing along, can we expect the same thing to happen in Sinderella? 

Divina De Campo: Absolutely, this is not a sit down show. 

How are you all feeling about going on tour?

David Potts: Excited, its like a holiday isn’t it? And we all know I love a holiday. 

How many different places/venues are you going to on the tour? 

David Potts: 23, but 43 performances. 

Divina De Campo: That’s just an average days work isn’t it? (Laughs)

Sinderella is at The Liverpool Empire for one night only on Wednesday 12th February.

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