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We have all experienced a rough time with neighbours from either side the household in disagreements great or small. However, if any of you have come to anything as close to Invincible during your lifetime than this should bring all memories back. Invincible merges together two different couples; one well educated and ambitious pair and the other pair being down to earth working class people. It was originally staged in London in 2014 before it was toured across the UK in 2016. Invincible grew in popularity as it relates to different kinds of backgrounds and tonight at the New Vic Theatre should be able to demonstrate that potential again.

There are four characters split up into two pairs. The relocating Londoners, Emily and Oliver, played by Emily Bowker and Oliver Whatley and the northerners, Dawn and Alan, played by Elizabeth Boag and Graeme Brookes. Boag has had a very successful time in both the UK and on Broadway as she received critical acclaim for her performance in Confusions. Whatley offers his versatile talent as he also directs and produces along with his acting; he’s ever present in The Original Theatre companies productions. Brookes has had plenty of theatre experience and wrote One In Five. Bowker’s incredible CV covers everything from film to radio to theatre.

Invincible is set in the household of the newly moved in Southerners (Emily and Oliver) who travelled up the M1 to start a new life. You witness the intensity between the couple straight away with hilarious remarks and also peeks into their dark past. In come the northerners who have been invited around for a warming get together. Dawn walks in and radiates with sex appeal that causes even more friction between the couple. And even more, Alan makes it even worse with his passion of football and overwhelming loudness. From then on it does an incredible job at twisting knots in the plot to keep the audience intrigued.

The characters are portrayed with a passionate approach and immediately invites you in to trigger your curiosity on how these people with different backgrounds will interact. Each character has their comical and serious sides that are exposed to naivety. Pinpointing a single person is tough as these performers kept the flow going constantly. From Alan’s undying passion for the England football team to Emily’s intellectual yet gullible look at how the world works keeps the intrigue even more pleasant. The awkwardness in some of the scenes is oddly enjoyable. My only issue is that some of the jokes went on for too long; the boredom joke was funny until it gets to the point when the repetition got tiring.

Invincible does everything it can to poke every single one of your emotions and draw you into the story. From a first glance looks like a heart-warming comedy. It gives off the vibe of a comedy that you would come across before Mrs Brown’s Boys comes on the tele, but it’s comical coating slips away to reveal a deep and dark side between the four characters. You develop more intrigue as the play goes on and the plot twists can be surprisingly nail biting. Invincible is completely entertaining and delivers a unique experience on how relationships, no matter what background your from, has its complications and situations.

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