A Judgement In Stone – UK Tour

Murder Mystery is without doubt one of the most popular genres of theatre in modern times, driven by Bill Kenwright who over the last 10 years has successfully produced 10 excellent stage adaptions of the Agatha Christie works.

Continuing this success and audience’s hunger for more – under the Classic Thriller brand this time, the same team present this Ruth Rendal classic.

The recipe for success is clear to see. A simple (but beautiful) set, star names and a compelling story that builds the tension throughout the show.

This plot revolves around the Coverdale family, who have recently hired a new house maid. They find themselves victims of murder and it’s up to 2 detectives to figure it out. The plot thickens with the maid’s secret – she can’t read.

If it sounds a little underwhelming that’s because it is. The script is a little weak, at least for stage – it was gripping throughout but perhaps not as engrossing or exciting as you would perhaps expect.

What this show doesn’t lack though is a quality cast.

Sophie Ward is excellent in the role of Miss Parchman, the peculiar maid from a lower class.

Andrew Lancel is also a recognisible face, not unfamiliar with playing a police officer (The Bill) and of course the role of Frank Foster (Coronation Street). He certainly provides an example of the high quality of this cast. Oozing quality as does his co-detective played by Ben Nealon.

Anthony Costa, most famous as being one part of boyband ‘Blue’ also turns his hand at this play following an impressive display in ‘Save The Last Dance’ for Kenwright last year.

This cast is full of quality throughout. The show is a steady, enjoyable watch and is certainly worth the ticket money for the avid murder mystery fan.

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