Kiss Me Quickstep – New Play Premiere

It’s the big one! Thousands of couples have descended upon The Winter Gardens in Blackpool to compete for this year’s ballroom dancing trophy, but there is so much more at stake than what meets the eye.

The set is stripped back with grand chandeliers and clever use of lighting, whilst the costumes are as exuberant as you would expect for a champion dancer.

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First we meet Luka, a lovable Russian (played very well by Isaac Stanmore) who can’t contain his excitement to be in the illustrious surroundings of a Blackpool ballroom. He’s been paid by over obsessive father Mick Knight (played by a strong Jack Lord) to dance with his daughter Nancy (Hannah Edwards) as they try to secure the title.

Lee & Samantha make their entrance, top dogs who are a little too used to winning (Ed White & Amy Barnes) and our final characters Justin (Matt Crosby) and Jodie Atherton (Abigail Moore) – a husband and wife from Burslem who are prepared to lose it all in pursuit of their passion.

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The dark secrets behind each couples’ dream for the title begin to slip out as events twist and turn, whilst all along the desperate couples keep their eyes on the prize.

There’s an energetic end to Act 1 as the competition starts to heat up and the show particularly picks up in Act 2, when the characters find themselves more exposed to the others which is where things get really interesting.

A few quality dance numbers bring real energy to the show which included the use of a local ensemble from The Academy for Theatre Arts, who all displayed professionalism in their future career choice.

Kiss Me Quickstep is a new play written by Amanda Whittington which has been produced for the first time by the New Vic Theatre, Staffordshire under the excellent Artistic Direction of Theresa Heskins in partnership with the Oldham Coliseum.

The script is strong and enjoyable – and we loved how the programme for this performance actually was the full script, another example of this theatre’s creative flair.

The New Vic is renowned for producing excellent theatre and I believe it has taken a very good new script and produced something that will be performed around the country for years to come.

This show opened at the New Vic in March 2015 but is visiting The Stephen Joseph Theatre 29th March – 2nd April 2016 (For tickets For Tickets Click Here ») The Oldham Coliseum between 13-30 April 2016 (For tickets click here »)

Photography by Andrew Billingham

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