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 The first of our many new guests on At The Theatre is Lauren Stroud! Lauren is currently playing Amber in Hairspray, which is coming to the end of it’s huge UK tour.

We caught up with her as she arrives in our neck of the woods, which is where she made her professional debut.

So it’s 14 years or so since your professional debut as Annie at the Regent Theatre and now you’re back as Amber in Hairspray. What do you remember from your first ever performance here?

Yes it’s been 16 years since I performed at the Regent. I was 10 years old. I never felt nerves as a kid I was always so excited to get out on stage and perform! I remember loving how big and new the theatre was and the support from the fabulous responsive audiences.

What advice would you have for young people who are looking to follow in your footsteps and make a career in the arts?

My advice for anyone wanting to get into the performing arts business would be work hard, play hard, work harder! Make sure you take classes in all subjects not just the one you’re best at. Challenge yourself as much as you can and never stop learning!

For those who don’t know, what is Amber like and is she anything like you in real life?

Amber is an absolute spoilt brat! She gets everything she wants thanks to her mother and she’s really not very nice to the other kids. I like to think I’m nothing like her (and I hope my friends would agree!)

Just 2 weeks left of this huge tour, how surreal does that feel?

It’s been a fabulous 9 month tour and I’ve made friends for life. It really has flown by but I’m looking forward to being back at home in my own bed for a while now and not living out of a suitcase.

What’s next for you after Hairspray?

I’m just auditioning at the moment for different shows trying to get the next job lined up! So fingers crossed I might be back at the regent in Stoke again one day soon!

There’s two weeks left to see Hairspray and you can see it this week by visiting – you can read our review here on At The Theatre from 10th May.

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