LEG BAGS – The Coach House – Review

On Sunday afternoon at the Blast from the past Vintage Records shop on Duke Street, a new audio play on stage was to be performed for the first time. LEG BAGS is written by the talented RJ Lloyd, performed by Karen Young, sound designed by Carlos Marfil and Captured by the filmmaker Sarah Higgings. This interdisciplinary production was set in an intimate space, centre stage saw a table and a chair accompanied by a microphone. Enter Young and the start of the live stream – and the live audio mix was set.

The piece began with a disgruntled Mrs B who told of a neighbour’s misfortune with the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) and how enforcers attempted to serve a notice. This seamed a regular occurrence in this woman’s  life – hence the light-hearted solutions she offered on how to deal with the bailiffs. Mrs B was a live-in carer for her husband Gary, looking after him day and night after a traumatic act of terror had left him physically impaired. Albeit when a dreaded letter came that proclaimed her Gary was fit for work, Mrs B’s life was turned upside down. The fight was on to keep a family’s benefits and a roof over their heads.

The harrowing story unearths some unthinkable issues that live-in carers and those with a physical and mental impairmentmust go through to prove they are unfit to work. Young’s fantastic use of vocal range and perfect timing sucked the audience into her character’s world and allowed for a thought-provoking story to leave a lasting impact on an audience member. I would like to see this piece developed further and could imagine a series of events in this character’s life.

This radio play can be found on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify from next week.

LEG Bags

An Audio Play on stage

Presented by THE COACH HOUSE

Written by RJ Lloyd

Sound Design by Carlos Marfil

Performed by Karen Young

Filmmaker- Sarah Higgings

About Author /

Sheldon is an actor, writer, and drama facilitator originally from Bolton, now based in Liverpool. He has a Master's in Performance and a Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and is a co-founder of Ami Theatre Company.

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