LGBTIQ+ Digital Panto – Madre Goose

Panto goes Punk! Pride Punx and Red Rash Inn present Madre Goose,  a pre-recorded interactive digital queer punk panto for all to enjoy at  home.

Madre Goose 21 Dec – 10 Jan

An adaptation of the ‘Hamlet of pantos’ Mother Goose with punks, activists, and a queer  community rallying against gentrification and materialism. With all the goodies, baddies,  mad costumes, silly characters and jokes you’d expect, just with some punk songs and  without the problematic transphobia and casual racism usually present in traditional  panto. It’s queer, drag, alternative, DIY (remotely filmed using green screens) and most  importantly for all ages, in order to keep normalising LGBTIQ+ culture to young people. An  alternative winter theatre experience for everyone to enjoy at home, especially families  that feel excluded or marginalized by the cross-dressing punch lines often present in these  shows.  

The beloved community leader Madre Goose (they/them) and their community face eviction  when an evil Demon King, Mephisto (He/Him), disguised as The Developer (he/him) ups the  rents suddenly and the residents cannot afford to pay. Along comes Lucy the Goose (she/her),  sent by good Fairy Goosedown (they/them) to save the community. Mephisto has other ideas.  He has a bet with Fairy Goosedown to prove no one on earth is all good and we’re all wicked  inside. Fairy Goosedown has faith in Madre Goose’s goodness but Mephisto is adamant he can  corrupt Madre Goose to turn their back on the community, setting the stage for an epic  adventure… 

Madre Goose is accessible to all during the Covid-19 pandemic and one that trans, queer  and non-binary families can feel safe, represented and respected in participating in, as well  as families from all backgrounds that want to see equal and diverse representation in the  culture they experience with their dependents. 

Donate to watch with all proceeds made going to LGBTIQ+ homelessness charity The  Outside Project. Donate via the Golden Giving fundraising page, making sure to tick ‘Are  you happy for your supported organisation to stay in touch with you?’ so that we can  send you a free ticket to the fabulous Madre Goose digital Panto, which will give you access  to watch as many times as you like between 22nd Dec – Jan 10th. 

Donations made before 15:30 on 21st December will also be invited to a special online  watch party with the cast and creatives. (Links will be sent out after donation is made) 

Link to trailer here

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Kath is an actor, singer and writer with a passion for theatre. She has been reviewing for At The Theatre since 2014. Kath has a Masters in Performance at Liverpool Hope University and is Creative Engagement Worker for B arts, a participatory arts organisation.

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