Mark Murphy’s V-TOL: Out Of This World – UK Tour

Mark Murphy has fully established himself as one of the most unique and accomplished visionaries in modern theatre and outdoor spectacles.

He has created some of the most striking large scale performances to have ever been witnessed and now takes his Out Of This World show to smaller stages. Murphy has performances such as the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Closing ceremony under his belt; he’s a man who knows no limits. The idea for Out Of This World have conceptual drawings dating back to 2010 and after juggling around numerous amount of projects Mark Murphy finally managed to bring this thoroughly researched production to the stage.

Mark Murphy as assembled an incredible cast who have all contributed their ideas, efforts and support to this performance. Leading this cast is Sarah Swire who is multi talented with acting, music and dance. Scott Hoatson brings his experience to the stage with performances for Potted Potter, The Recovery Position amongst more. Alex Palmer has notable films appearances in 28 Days Later and Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire and Itxaso Moreno has appeared for National Theatre and Citizen’s Theatre. Catherine Cusack has a wide range of roles including in Doctor Who and Coronation Street. Anwar Russell brings experience as a director and actor.

Photograph © Jane Hobson.

Out Of This World starts off abruptly with the entire room being coated by an intense darkness. Straight on from that there are consistent moments of eye watering projections that are accompanied by confusion yet wonder. You’re gripped onto the unusual balance between real life and delusion as repetition becomes increasingly unnerving. The main character Helen (Swire) is lost in her imagination and her fourth wall breaks make you feel part of the that. The love between Helen and Anthony (Hoatson) becomes more clearer and takes you into their relationship and why everything is the way it is.

The music was dark and orchestral that added to the intensity that radiated from this performance. The walls on the stage were used efficiently through the scenes where the projection is needed; especially with the scenes where Swire is flying through space. The blood packets hanging from the ceiling add to the dark theme of Out Of This World. The use of the guitar and the disco ball adding some strange humour to such a thought provoking performance. The acrobatics and zip wires were used tremendously to add to the visual appeal. This mind boggling world is beautifully decorated and heavily intriguing.

Photograph © Jane Hobson.

Out of This World is a beautiful contemporary piece that unravels a story hidden behind a wall of confusion. Swire delivers such an epic performance as she tests our emotions as well as her own. The fusion of music, dance and emotion offers such an intense experience. The much needed clarity does eventually appear halfway through and makes Out Of This World a rewarding adventure. It’s a refreshing take on what lies between life and death which can heavily relate to most people. Out Of This World is a state of the art fantasy world that juggles delusional thoughts with a love story.

For more information about Out Of This World on tour you can check their website here.

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