Merch Stand: Here Are Five ‘Addams Family’ Shirts That Belong In Our Wardrobe

It’s that time of the week where we pick and choose a popular show and find the best merchandise for those die hard theatre fans. This week we have chosen the weirdest bunch of loveable people to raid their merch, The Addams Family. After seeing them on tour our quest was worth every minute to find some amazing shirts that you can’t resist buying. Make sure you create some space in your wardrobe for these amazing shirts!

1. ‘Don’t Analyse Me’ Shirt


Being weird is absolutely beautiful and how else could you radiate such beauty than with this shirt?

2. ‘Crazier Than You’ Shirt


Make sure you get your point across with this shirt. It’s a rather nice yellow as well.

3. ‘Define Normal’ Shirt


Stand out like a champion in the que for a night of theatre with this lovely item of clothing.

4. ‘Good Times’ Kids Shirt


Make sure the good times still keep on rolling for your kids with this adorable shirt!

5. ‘I Don’t Have A Sunny Disposition’ Kids Shirt



Spoil your kids even more. Do it, you know you want to deep down!

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