Merch Stand: Five Amazing Merch Items We Found This Week

Merchandise is the perfect way to showcase your geek level as you break every boundary to showcase your undying love.

From games to movies, and yes, to theatre there are endless amounts of merch that many of us haven’t got a clue about. We did some “undercover” work to find some of the best bits and bobs you can spend your hard earned cash on. Our lovely Merch Stand has five items we have gone and found to try and tempt you into giving in to your geeky side and splashing the cash. Yes, we are a bad influence, but check these out:

1. ‘I Wanna Grow Old With You’ Teddy

The Wedding Singer

Whether you’re a fan of the film, the musical or both you will definitely adore this. Surprise your other half with it by putting it under the pillow or in the microwave. £15.

2. Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap

The Little Shop Of Horrors

If you want to replicate Seymour’s position and have responsibility over new life you should buy this and feed it all night long. £5.

3. Watermelon Magnet

Dirty Dancing

Baby wont be the only one who will be carrying a watermelon as you can take this magnet wherever you go! Or leave it on the fridge, it’s up to you. £5.

4. White Glove

Thriller Live

The infamous white glove is one of many signature pieces of clothing by the late Michael Jackson. Use this to put those dance moves to the test or become half a mime. £7

5. Rydell High Varsity Jacket


All Grease fans have fantasied about strutting the T-Birds jacket, but there’s only five of them. Feel part of the timeline with this varsity jacket. £35

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