Merch Stand: Five ‘Cats’ Merchandise That We Really Want

Cats is one of the longest running musical to ever hit the West End and since its first show in 1981 it has grown a very loyal fanbase. Cats’ incredible runs on both Broadway and the West End cement it as one of the greatest creations to ever occur in musical theatre. However, not even Andrew Lloyd Webber would be able to resist some of the Cats merch goodies that are poking at your willpower as you try your best not to give in. Do you own any Cats merch? If not, then looking through our fine selection of this hand picked merchandise may make you give in to temptation.

1. Umbrella


Keep those moments of happiness away from the rain underneath this adorable umbrella.

2. Cushion


If sitting on a cat’s face is your ideal way of having some time to relax then you should buy this.

3. iPhone 6 Phone Case


Nothing better than to add the most purrfect phone case to your Cats collection.

4. Heat Reactive Mug


Heat sensitive mugs are great and pouring hot water whilst making a brew will show off these adorable eyes.

5. Jute Bag


Make your general shopping trips a little more adorable with this paw printed jute bag.

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