Merch Stand: You Need These Five Amazing ‘Wedding Singer’ Items

Whether you’re a fan of the popular film, the smash hit musical or both you will love what we have in store for you.

We have hunted high and low to find some merch after our golden find when we did our first Merch Stand article. The greatest teddy bear to ever grace the world of musical theatre merchandise. Since then we have gone on the low down to find more gifts and items for The Wedding Singer to finally be brought to this very moment. If you click this link you can tell we love the show, and we hope that you do too! Lucie Jones has now joined in the fun this musical radiates so prepare those pennies for teddy bears and keyrings.

Have a look below at our treasured findings to see if they appeal to you (Spoiler Alert: they will).


1. Teddy Bear


We’ve featured this before and it’s difficult not to do it again. It’s the most adorable cuddly bear we have ever seen.

2. Coasters


There’s nothing more vibrant to put onto your coffee table than these ’80s themed coasters!

3. Mug


If you think the coasters are nice then accompany them with this snazzy mug!

4. Keyring


These keyrings sell out very quickly. There’s none in stock at the moment, so it’s a long wait to get them!

5. Hoodie


You can wear those multi colours with pride with this cosy hoodie.

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