A New LGBT Exhibition ‘In Visible Ink’ To Be Presented At National Theatre

A new exhibition presenting a timeline of events, performances and voices charting 25 years of LGBT+ experience at the NT

Lyttelton Lounge, 23 June – 21 September 2017, Free

In Visible Ink is the National Theatre’s newest exhibition, tracing a timeline of some of the key political, social and cultural events and stories that have impacted the LGBT+ community over the past 25 years. Marking 25 years since the premiere of Angels in America at the NT, the exhibition will feature contributions from people at the NT giving personal recollections of moments in history that have impacted them.

As part of the exhibition visitors will be invited to use a pair of decoder glasses to reveal obscured comments left on the timeline by contributors. A film will play alongside the timeline, displaying contributors holding up the name of someone from the LGBT+ community who has been an inspiration to them. There will then be the opportunity for visitors to make their own mark and add the name of their own ‘Queer Hero’ to a board.

The exhibition is part of the NT’s previously announced Queer Theatre event series, marking 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales. The series looks at how theatre has charted the LGBT+ experience through a series of rehearsed readings in the Lyttelton Theatre, 6-10 July.

Curator Hester Chillingworth said: “In Visible Ink is about proudly and hyper-visibly marking out moments from LGBT+ history – travesties as well as triumphs – within the public space of the NT, for people to see and learn about. It is also, vitally, about individuals’ experiences and unique voices, and how sometimes, if we don’t have the time, the energy or the inclination, we can find ourselves choosing not to really see or hear what (or who) is right in front of us. I’m hoping the exhibition presents a fun way to engage with this provocation, as it (literally) offers viewers some new lenses to see things through.”

A series of related events will run alongside the exhibition, exploring the content and context of the work:

In Context: Queer Stages UK Wed 5 July, Cottesloe Room, 2-5pm, £25/20

On Screen: Paris was a Women Wed 5 July, Cottesloe Room, 6pm, £5/3

National Debate – LGBT Rights- sorted? Thu 6 July, Dorfman Theatre, 6-7pm, £6/5

Sharp Shots: Pride Culture Thu 6 July, Cottesloe Room, 11.30am and 6pm, £3

On Screen: Betty Bourne – It Goes with the Shoes Fri 7 July, Cottesloe Room, 5-7pm, £5/3

On Screen: Tangerine Mon 10 July, Cottesloe Room, 5pm, £5/3

Talk: Drag as Art Form Wed 12 July, Cottesloe Room, 6-7pm, £6/5

Talk: Trans Culture Fri 14 July, Cottesloe Room, 6-7pm, £6/5

See the NT website for more details and to book.

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