Peter Pan – Liverpool Empire

A spectacular and spellbinding production of Peter Pan is brought to the Empire Theatre. This wonderland adventure certainly captures everything that a pantomime should, and more!

Directed by Bob Tomson and adapted by Alan McHugh this ensemble has an excellently chosen cast, featuring stars from the Itv favourite Benidorm, as well as a host of other recognisable names.

Staying fairly true to the original story, we follow the adventures of Wendy, Michael and John enticed into wonderland by the free spirited, young at heart, Peter Pan. We witness Peter and his new friends actually flying through the air, which is exhilarating and truly captures the magic.

Captain Hook played by Louis Emerick and his dancing pirate crew make an entrance onto the stage, and onto the deck of the Jolly Roger. It becomes clear that Captain Hook is ready to cause trouble and creates a plan to capture Peter Pan, unbeknown to Peter and the Lost Boys, who are played by the adorable and brilliant Liverpool Empire Juvenile Ensemble. Mischievous accomplice Tinker Bell, a little jealous with Peters new found friendship in Wendy, lets slip on the location of their hideout to none other than the cunning Captain Hook and we fear for his safety at the end of the first half, accompanied by a host of booking and gasping and then chanting to save Tinker Bell after her courageous attempt to save the day.

Cutlass Kenneth played by Tony Maudley and comedian John Evens as Smee, came together to create the perfect comic duo. Cutlass Kenneth put on a hilarious performance and played homage to his well-loved Benidorm character (even keeping the same name) much to the audiences delight. The pair had the most funny moments in the performance and their energy was enthused throughout, particularly notable moments were the ‘sword-fight scene’ where Kenneth’s audience enrolment had everyone in stitches, as well as my favourite part “If i was not in Neverland” a fun filled dance number in the second half that will surely not disappoint!

As it goes there is only 2 places that you will find a magic mermaid, Neverland and panto-land. And Niki Evans as Mimi, the Magical Mermaid added that extra sparkle to the production. Niki has come along way since her X-Factor breakthrough appearance, and provided exceptional vocals throughout, much like the rest of the cast.

The set was a true standout in the performance, really imaginative and visually exciting for the children in the audience. Some notable set changes included a giant pirate ship, a gigantic tick- tocking crock or “clockodile” as they say in the show, an underwater sequence – fit with dancing fishy creatures, and many more wonderful set changes to make Neverland really come life.

In fitting with any pantomime style, the ending provides the perfect chance for everyone to get involved and join in with the festivities. With a compilation of christmas songs and a special Liverpool themed number at the end, it was the perfect ending to this fantastic production!

A highly entertaining family night out, showing at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, Saturday 7- Sunday 29 December 2019.

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Laura has a Masters in Performance from Liverpool Hope University.

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