Rocky Horror Show – UK Tour 2022

Richard O’Briens legendary and gloriously entertaining rock n roll musical, The Rocky Horror Show has arrived at the Liverpool Empire Theatre!

Directed by Christopher Luscombe, The Rocky Horror show is hilariously funny and the nonsensical storyline, outlandish costumes, and characters, alongside timeless musical numbers, offers the perfect escapism for the audience. It is clear to see why this production is a renown favorite and is still enticing crowds.

In a nutshell, the bizarre plot, begins with fiancés Brad and Janet who’s car has broken down in a storm and they end up beginning an adventure of a lifetime, when they take refuge at the infamous having to stop at the residence of Frank N Furter. The audience are introduced to a whole host of weird and wonderful characters who interject some fun and frivolity into Brad and Janet’s preexisting uptight nature…and in ways that leave little to the imagination. After discovering that Frank N Furters erotic antics become destructive and his motive changes, those around him begin to dismiss and disobey him, resulting in a dramatic turn of events, and various characters getting hurt in the process.

The staging was over the top and fabulous, perfectly encapsulating the vibrant and transformative style that runs throughout the theme, credit to set designer, Hugh Durrant. Particularly genius was the up-straight bed in the opening of the second act, where a lot of the mischief and raunchy, comedic moments took place.

The lighting techniques were effective in capturing the glam rock n rock n roll energy of the production. The strobe lighting was also effective to capture the science fiction elements, such as the spaceship (castle) taking off, as well as in other prominent sections of the production, a credit to lighting designer, Nick Richings.

Of course, one of the most notable things from this production is the catchy, recognisbale musical numbers, and the ‘groupies’ were used effectively as the ensemble cast to accompany large choreography moments such as in, the ‘Time Warp’ and ‘Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch-a-Touch Me,’ which got an enthusiastic reception and had the audience eager to get on their feet. 

Columbia the human groupie who is fanatical towards Frank N Furter, and Riff Raff who plays his faithful servant, also performed the roles well and put everything into their solo moments, credit to performers, Haley Flaherty and Kristian Lavercombe.

Frank N Furter the fabulous alien transvestite, from the planet Transexual was played by Stephen Webb. His stage presence was utterly infectious and gave off a Freddie Mercury aura, with his powerful vocals and sexually liberated dance moves. His performance was particularly strong in the song, ‘Sweet Transvestite’.

I think what makes this production so special is that in some way, you could say that both the cast and the audience have a dependency on each other, and one that’s different than your typical theatre show. The heckles from the audience, (most much too rude to quote), became a natural part of the script, with the actors responding in turn, and with the die-hard fans anticipating what’s coming next.

This production is undeniably bold and brash, exploring sexual fluidity, outrageous characters, in outrageous costumes, and a whole host of spectacular on your feet musical numbers.

So, grab your outfit and your ticket, and expect a night of fun and fishnet fever!

The Rocky Horror Show is showing at the Liverpool Empire Theatre – Monday 16th May – Saturday 21st May 2022. To book tickets visit:


4.5 Stars!

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Laura has a Masters in Performance from Liverpool Hope University.

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