Sirens, Men and Crabs: A Shipwrecked Odyssey (Teatro Pomodoro’s Working Progress)

Theatre was back with a splash at the Capstone Theatre in Liverpool on Wednesday June 30th, with a special preview for a full capacity COVID-safe audience of Teatro Pomodoro’s working progress production, Sirens, Men and Crabs: A Shipwrecked Odyssey. The play was directed by Mark Bell (Director of The Play Gone Wrong) and produced by the notable RJ Lloyd.

As the lights shone upon the stage it was a dreamlike moment of anticipation. For many, it was the first time back in a theatre. Although, once the action started, it was like we had never left this space of imagination as we were transported back to Ancient Greece. This new take on the classic story, explored through a feminist lens, parades Ulysses failures to be the self-proclaimed hero he desires to be, the colossal Crabs are writhe, and the Sirens are the “unexpected heroines”.

The performance started in typical Teatro Pomodoro style: fast paced and witty as the audience were fully captured in the actors’ nets as they expertly blended surrealism and the clown into its naturally dark comedic landscape. Moreover, finding the right balance between light and shade accompanied by some well-crafted puppets and twists and turns throughout. Although the bundle of gags kept the onlookers in roars of laughter, the piece challenged some politically charged subjects, often with a smile and cheeky satire. Additionally, the impressive leap over the hurdle of COVID-safe participation was blissfully accomplished as the audience were safely able to get involved in the action.

The performance of each actor lay claim to the success of this often-touring theatre company, with perfect comedic timing and a constant sense of awareness. There was never a moment to sit back and be a passenger in this journey, as they proclaimed, “We are but actors, we inhabit characters.” If that wasn’t enough to stop you drifting off into the abyss, the array of excellent costumes was well worth climbing aboard for, especially in the immersive finale.

Overall, it’s a show that’s only going to get better! If this was a working progress, then audiences are in for a real treat come October when the company goes on its first tour in nearly 18 months, starting at the Unity Theatre Liverpool.

4-star (Soon to be 5)


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Sheldon is an actor, writer, and drama facilitator originally from Bolton, now based in Liverpool. He has a Master's in Performance and a Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and is a co-founder of Ami Theatre Company.

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