SIX The Musical – UK Tour

Kenny Wax, Wendy and Andy Barnes and George Stiles present SIX, the new musical by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss.

This toe tapping, high energy show, directed by Lucy Moss and Jamie Armitage has made its way to the Liverpool Empire Theatre, and it does not disappoint!

We have all heard how it goes, divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived! This modern-day rendition tells the factual, yet horrifying tales, of six wives who all suffered the fate of Henry VIII.

Six the musical, really encompasses 21st Century girl power!

Six girls with big voices and sassy personalities, delve into their betrayal and heartbreak, and compete for the title of the ultimate oppressed wife, whilst also attempting to change the course of history and take the power back into their own hands.

The fabulous and fierce queens, were ready to take their moment in the spotlight and prove that they should be the queen to take the crown. Each of the ladies gave a compelling rendition of their story, which was told through modern-day pop songs, and gave the queens the chance to REALLY showcase their characters individualities as well as their own talents.

More than anything else, this show completely embodies female empowerment with this retelling of history allows for the women to really dominate the stage and take ownership of the story. With an all female cast and an all female band, the women reclaim their voice and redefine their gender, proving that they need no man for this show to go on.

This production was one act play, keeping it short and sweet and leaving the audience wanting more, coming in at just over 80 minutes long, which is quite different to that of the typical two act lengthy musical productions and a decision that seemed right.

The interaction with the audience was brilliant and remained a constant throughout and the performers never left the stage, which was impressive for this fast paced, energetic concert style show. The songs were quirky, fun, catchy, and combined with the Tudor-extravaganza costumes, you can definitely imagine them making an appearance on Eurovision, especially the hilarious and unexpected number ‘Haus of Holbein’, flawlessly performed by all of the queens.

Catherine of Aragon played by the talented Chlöe Hart, brought the energy and fun to the stage straight away in her opening number ‘No way’.

Jane Seymour’s song, ‘Heart of stone’ was captivating, emotional and powerful and allowed for a necessary change of pace compared to some if the more up-beat numbers, a credit to Casey Al-Shaqsy.

Jennifer Caldwell as rememberable beheaded wife Anne Boleyn, was incredibly likeable, full of charisma and witty one-liners, she made audiences laugh out loud in her song ‘Don’t lose ur head’. Grace Melville as Anna of Cleves, provided sass and brought the party, in her song ‘Get down’ a particularly catchy number, where she showcased her reasons to be ‘king of the castle’.

Jaina Brock-Patel as Katherine Howard took to the stage, proving that she no longer wants to be a lady in waiting and that she is done with dealing with unwanted responses from powerful men. She really gave off an Ariana Grande aesthetic and and her vocals really blew the audiences heads off!

Alana M Robinson as the somewhat lucky survivor, Catherine Parr, was equally as brilliant. Her
voice oozed soul in her number ‘I don’t need your love’, which was empowering and refreshing.

Although each of their individual numbers were fantastic, some of my favourite moments in the show were when the ladies sang in unison, allowing the ladies to really dominate the stage and reclaiming ownership of the story. Particularly notable, were the all cast musical numbers such as in the opening number ‘Ex-Wives’ and the finale medley ‘MegaSix’ where the audience were invited to stand on their feat and dance along, really personifying that concert feeling. They really could have passed for a world class girl group with their impeccable vocal, and sequenced preppy dance moves!

SIX The Musical is showing at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, Tuesday 12 Apr – Saturday 16 Apr 2022

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Laura has a Masters in Performance from Liverpool Hope University.

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