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Six The Musical


“Remember us from your GCSE’s?”.

Six – the remarkable new musical based on the story of the six wives of Henry VIII. It’s receiving rave reviews at the Arts Theatre in the West End and it’s easy to see why.

There’s an electricity in the auditorium before the show, the anticipation of a production that we know already lives up to it’s hype.

Six powerful ladies step out on stage, each with their own story to tell, supported by an all female rock band who together with some strong vocals, create an incredible sound.

After a knockout opening number, the six wives step forward one by one to tell their story – and to determine why the audience should make them their favourite wife. There is plenty of banter between the ladies who each smash their own songs to the delight of their audience.

The attitude and power that each of these women bring is inspiring. Jarneia Richard-Noel is a strong and sassy Catherine of Aragon, Millie O’Connell plays a cheeky and seductive Anne Boleyn and Natalie Paris captures all the emotion in her Jane Seymour.

Alexia McIntosh delivers a hilarious Anna of Cleves, Aimee Atkinson is a quality Katherine Howard and Courtney Stapleton beautifully conveys the story of Catherine Parr.

With stunning costumes and so many witty, sarcastic and hilarious moments in and between songs, there is barely a moment to pause for breath.

The intimate venue suits the show and allows the power of this fierce musical to hit you at full pace. At 75 minutes without an interval this show will leave you wanting more but that is a testament to the quality of this production.

Catch this show in the West End through Summer, or on UK tour from October. It will tour and it will be around for a very long time.

As for remembering them from school books – if history was taught like this, every student would be getting top marks.

Photo: Idil Sukan