Snow White – Liverpool Empire

Our final review of the year took us to one of our favourite venues, the Liverpool Empire – famous for it’s world class entertainment and more to the point, superb pantomimes over the last few years.

This year’s production of Snow White has all the ingredients of a seasonal success – and the tickets sales reflect this with this being their most popular ever panto!

Snow White is the classic tale that we all know of our unlikely princess in waiting. Hated by her evil step-mother, she escapes only to be tricked into biting into an apple that sends her to sleep. With the help of 7 love-able friends that she meets along the way, she is reunited with her Prince Charming who awakens her with true love’s kiss.

Obviously, this is an epic panto in terms of it’s scale, it’s professionalism and an undoubtedly overjoyed audience of young people having the time of their lives.  It’s a joy to hear children calling out and reacting to the action on stage and this cast are experts in breaking the “fourth wall” and really bringing the audience into the production.


The show has a sprinkling of household names and Liverpool favourites who are supported by local upcoming stars and talented dancers from a local dance school.

Liam Mellor returns in the role of Muddles and is clearly very comfortable in this role. With his Panto-craft abundantly clear, he is a very entertaining and comical character.  Leanne Campbell as Queen Morgiana stole the show with her strong portrayal of the “Evil Step Mother” – her strong vocals were unmatched and her scenes were many of the show’s highlights.

Colin Connor is absolutely superb as Herman the Henchman. A classy, high quality actor makes for a great casting and he is clearly having a lot of fun letting his hair down – with some extremely funny moments that both kids and adults will enjoy!

Snow White is played by Jorgie Porter who is quite possibly the biggest household name outside of Liverpool out of the group, with her recent TV appearances including Hollyoaks and more recently, I’m a Celebrity and Dancing On Ice. Part of the panto magic is to see stars who you recognise and wouldn’t normally get to see on stage and she certainly is endearing as Snow White – even if many parts of the role seemed a little out of her comfort zone. It is unusual to see miming on a theatre stage, even when involved in dance routines and I felt that this did add to the discomfort.

Panto wouldn’t be Panto without the break from the story-line to interact with the audience and do something a little “Christmassy” – and 12 days of Christmas from the 3 lead males was a hilarious part of the show. Finished off of course with a super-soaking of the audience!

It’s a great story, it’s loads of fun and it’s worth the ticket price. What is safe to say, is that every single person in the audience enjoyed the production and once again, thousands of children will have a highlight of their Christmas that they’ll never forget.

Snow White plays the Liverpool Empire until Saturday 31st December. To book tickets visit:


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