Teamwork Arts Brings Puneeta Roy And Aditya Roy’s ‘The Offering’ To The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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The Offering (Guru Dakshina) is the story of a boy full of wonder and curiosity who dreams of the great warriors of the past and of being one of them. Interwoven is the journey of a mysterious old man, running from a past he cannot face. Fate and chance bring both characters together to change each other’s lives.

At its core, The Offering is the story of the relationship between the Guru and the Shishya, the Master and Student.

Writer, Director, Musician and Martial Artist, Aditya spent almost two decades exploring different forms of martial arts in search of the ultimate form of self-defense. At each stage, he has been blessed with amazing teachers who have taught him skills that helped him evolve to the next level. He has also worked extensively in the fields of theatre and music and is constantly looking for ways to integrate martial arts with theatre through movement workshops.

Aditya Roy said “My only dream as a child was to become a great warrior. A dream that grew into a madness as I began to train relentlessly. I was fortunate to study under several masters who taught me different forms and helped shape the individual I am today. The Offering (Guru Dakshina) is an expression of gratitude and love to my Gurus. It embodies the spirit of my journey that I hope will inspire others too.”

The Offering is co-written and directed by Puneeta Roy, a Writer and Director who has been exploring Theatre as a tool of empowerment with young people for over a decade. Puneeta has been an inherent part of Aditya’s journey through the years.

The Offering is part of a season of work produced by Teamwork Arts on behalf of the Indian High Commission, the Ministry of Culture, and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. The UK-India Year of Culture stretches from May to November celebrating the rich diversity of Indian culture, the deep cultural ties between the two nations and the 70th Anniversary of Indian Independence. Further details of activity up and down the UK can be found at

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Listing Information

Venue: C VENUES, C Royale Studio 2

Time: 15:45 (45mins)

Dates: 2-28 August. No show Mon 14 August.

Tickets: DATES 2-4, 15, 21, 22 August £9.50; DATES 9 – 11, 16-18 & 23-25 August £10.50 DATES 5-8, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26-28 August £11.50

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