The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – Bolton Octagon

Treat yourself to an immersive, engrossing and thrilling performance at the Octagon this April.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is a new adaption by Deborah McAndrew, based on the novel by Anne Brontë. Directed by Elizabeth Newman, a cast of 8 professionals, a young boy and a very well behaved dog bring it beautifully to life.

The actors hold your attention from start to finish as you slowly piece together what is going on. The suspense is built early and stays with you through the show – it is truly gripping from beginning to end. As the show concluded you are willing two characters in particular to have their happy ending and the relief happens in the most beautiful closing moments.

Comedy is sprinkled generously throughout. Colin Connor provides plenty of humour as a somewhat drunken Reverand Millward and Nicôle Lecky will make you chuckle as she is ordered around in the role of Rose.

Many actors play a second role and this is skillfully executed. But it wasn’t just the roles that were performed well – for example, during scene changes (despite the lights coming down) the action continued exactly as you would expect whilst set was re-positioned. Such is the high level of performance on display.

Stand out performances are genuinely all round but Phoebe Pryce is stunning throughout in her portrayal of the mysterious character of Mrs Graham.

It has to be said that a major strength of this show is the beautiful script, masterfully capturing the story whilst allowing the flow to keep the audience interested from start to finish.

A genuinely outstanding piece of theatre has been created here for a limited run and it is highly recommended that you go along and enjoy. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall plays Octagon Bolton until 22nd April 2017. To buy tickets visit The Octagon Bolton website.


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