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Choose life. Choose writing stories in various magazines in 1991. Choose publishing a book in 1993 that’s nominated for awards. Choose Harry Gibson’s stage adaptation of your finest novel. Choose giving up your day job in the mid ’90s. Choose Danny Boyle creating a movie masterpiece of your novel. Choose writing a sequel 9 years called Porno. Choose writing a prequel called Skagboys 10 years after that. Choose In Your Face Theatre giving Trainspotting Live an Edinburgh Premiere. Choose Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Choose a national tour. Choose returning to Fringe for sell out runs. Choose T2. Choose Irvine Welsh. Choose life.

The cast for Trainspotting Live consists of Gavin Ross as Renton, Greg Esplin as Tommy, Michael Lockerbie as Sick Boy, Chris Dennis as Begbie, Finlay Bain as Mother Superior, Erin Marshall as Alison and Rachael Anderson as June. Ross has been with In Your Face Theatre since 2013 when it was first created along with Marshall. Ross, along with Dennis, was picked for Trainspotting after his performance in The Hard Man. Esplin is the artistic director of In Your Face Theatre as well as taking on the role of Tommy. With a cast of strong Scottish performers familiar with the play Trainspotting Live should be mind blowing.

The intimacy of Trainspotting Live is a vital ingredient to how effective the performance is portrayed. The start of the play begins in a nightclub with the volume incredibly high, flashing lights and swinging jaws hilariously documenting ’90s drug culture. However, if you’re more familiar with the movie than the play itself don’t expect the plot to be so much in depth. The acting was so up close and personal that you are actually part of the performance. You’re spoken to by the characters as they document each others lives, mishaps and tragedies that follow through the story led by Renton.

The comedy is forever flowing through Trainspotting Live as Renton’s life showcases his love/hate friendships along with his drug problems. The humour is both witty and dark and constantly keeps you on your toes (well, arse as you’re sitting) throughout. The fact that every performer is absolutely breathtaking in Trainspotting Live is elusive in its own right. Iconic scenes still have an incredible effective such as the tragic cot death scene that immediately creates such an intense atmosphere. The nudity is both shocking and hilarious, especially during the toilet scene where Renton is clawing through toilet water splashing the audience in the process.

Trainspotting Live welcomes you with open arms to the foul mouthed, drug fuelled chaos that you will grow to love. Pinpointing a specific actor would be unfair as each and every one of them put on fearless, career defining performances. Fans of Irvine Welsh’s book and Danny Boyle’s film must see this to get a unique yet full throttle take on the story. It holds no punches and no boundaries making this the perfect homage to the controversial, dark comedic take on 90s drug culture and political issues. Trainspotting Live is a sensational intimate show that drags you into its beautifully twisted world.

You can buy tickets for Trainspotting Live at The Lowry right here.

Check out the other tour dates through this link here.

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