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There’s nothing better than Jenna Hunterson’s home made pies and like this show, they are served with home baked love and warmth.

Currently playing at the Adelphi Theatre on the Strand in London, Waitress follows the story of Jenna Hunterson, an expert pie baker who serves her homemade pies in an American diner. Her rocky home life with a controlling and immature husband prompts her to reassess her situation – especially when she discovers there’s more than just a pie in the oven.

Jenna is played exquisitely by Katherine McPhee, who many will recognise from TV’s “American Idol” (2006) and “Smash”. She brings true passion to the role, convincing the audience that every pie she bakes is a work of art not to be missed.

Supported by her work colleagues, Becky (Marissa Wallace) and Dawn (Laura Baldwin), these three girls bring great slapstick humour to this story of unwanted pregnancy, home life strife and adultery.

The show has plenty of tongue in cheek humour, which has the audience laughing loudly, before the next moments of solitude and intimacy, bringing it back with soft ballads and sobering performances.

David Hunter as Dr Pomatter impresses with his love-struck, comedic performance and Peter Hannah keeps the audience on their toes as the villain of the piece, Husband Earl.

But a true highlight of the show is the geeky whirlwind relationship of Jack McBrayer as Ogie and Laura Baldwin as Dawn. Their hilarious romance is a joy to watch and brings lightheartedness to the second act.

Director Diane Paulus has expertly baked up a tasty treat. Combining talent, expert stagecraft, simple sets and effective transitions – served with an on stage live band who effectively glide in and out of view to suit the moments unfolding on stage.

This is a heart warming, feel good, empowering show that will leave you warm and fuzzy. Grab your tickets whilst you can to see this broadway hit in the West End.