We Will Rock You – UK Tour

Based on the unrivaled music of QUEEN, We Will Rock You is the West End sensation that has ruled the world of “rock musicals” for the past 20 years.

Written by Ben Elton, the musical tells the story of the last remaining bohemians. Set on the iPlanet – a futuristic, soulless world – Galileo, Scaramouche and the last of their kind are spiritually drawn to rock, individuality and freedom.


QUEEN’s back catalogue of music is perfect in which to write a musical from, thanks to the theatrical nature of the band and their epic concerts of the 70s/80s along with the beautiful storytelling and timeless imagination within the original lyrics.

A thunderous and atmospheric opening (Innuendo) sets the scene on huge screens which form part of this impressive touring set, broken by the introduction of the Gaga Girls (and boys) – expertly setting the scene of the two contrasting realities within the first few minutes of the show.

Perhaps it’s appropriate to mention at this point that it is loud! Be prepared for that, especially if you are near the front. This does add to the concert feel and with a stunning, live 7 piece band producing authentic QUEEN sound – perhaps you wouldn’t really want it any other way!

The audience is quickly introduced to Galileo (Damien Walsh) & Scaramouche (Anna Davey) – the dreamers and ultimate saviours of our show. Walsh and Davey are both understudies but you would not have known it. Walsh has an impressive voice and plays a quirky Galileo and Davey’s voice, comical timing and character was show-stealingly sensational.

Every performance is strong within the show. You will be in awe of the Killer Queen played by the formidable Jenny O’Leary – she plays a fabulous Queen who you will hate but LOVE in equal measure! “Killer Queen” is the first number of the show that knocks you off your feet and this scene really elevates the early parts – and “Fat Bottomed Girls” is another ludicrously brilliant highlight.

It is a show of duos in many ways and the on-stage relationships between sets of characters. Brit and Meat for example (played by David Michael Johnson and Martina Ciabatti Mennell) themselves threaten to steal the show with a run of incredible song performances and in many ways are crucial to the plot. Khashoggi (Adam Strong) is somewhat the Killer Queen’s right hand man – cruel yet also treated cruelly, Strong is a pleasure to watch.

In fact the only lead that isn’t in a duo is the character of Cliff (Michael McKell), who brings humour and relief to some of the dramatic elements – ultimately helping the bohemians in their quest to find the home of the champions.


So many incredible songs that you know and love are bursting out of this show: Radio Gaga, I Want to Break Free, Under Pressure, A Kind of Magic, I Want it All, Headlong, Only the Good Die Young, The Show Must Go On, One Vision, Hammer to Fall and many, many more performed to such a high standard. Whether you’re into Queen, musical theatre (or let’s face it: surely both!) you must grab tickets to watch WWRY. This should be on every theatre fans check list.


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For the full tour details, click here: https://www.queenonline.com/wwry/uk_tour

Photography Credit: Johan Persson

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