The Wedding Singer – UK Tour

The Wedding Singer is an incredible musical that hasn’t stopped growing in popularity ever since its Broadway breakthrough.

It’s based of the movie with the same name that featured Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Sandler, along with college buddy Tim Herlihy, created the romantic comedy masterpiece that ended up grossing $120 million at the box office. The musical added strength to the film and brought a fresh audience to the rom-com classic. It’s now triumphantly charging through its UK tour. A major change is that Roxanne Pallet has unfortunately left her role as Holly and will be replaced by Tara Verloop.

With Verloop stepping up into the role of Holly is the cherry on the casting bakewell. Jon Robyns takes on the main role as Robbie Hart. Cassie Compton and Ray Quinn, both notable for their X Factor appearances, share their talents as Julia and Glen respectively. Robbie’s buddies are Samuel Holmes as George and Ashley Emerson as Sammy. The incredible Ruth Madoc plays Robbie’s Grandma, Rosie and the gorgeous Hannah Jay-Allen plays Robbie’s fiance Linda. A strong cast that is backed up by such an outstanding ensemble The Wedding Singer has already proven it is worthy. So how did it do at the Opera House in Manchester?

The first act opened up strong and vibrant which added such a great buzz to the rest of the musical as the second act will make you cry with tears of sadness and joy. Robyns and Quinn were excellent with their roles as Robbie and Glen respectively. Madoc was hilarious as Grandma Rosie and Holmes was absolutely perfect as George. The dances were spot on thanks to Nick Winston. The ensemble were a rarity as they were memorable and outstanding rather than used as stage props. Aside from a couple of tech faults with the microphones this was an absolutely tremendous performance.

The set design as absolutely sensational with the gigantic screen, side stage lights and the LED blanket at the back. On the big screen, the dream sequence at the start of the second act was pretty great before “All About The Green” along with ’80s references such as band posters and advertisements. The shifting of the props was quick and fluid which kept the hyperactive momentum going. The Wedding Singer was brilliant musically and the singing couldn’t have been any better. The items reek of ’80s nostalgia which is essential; Glen’s car was a cheeky wink to Back To The Future because it was a DeLorean.

The Wedding Singer is a show that is becoming an unstoppable force in the musical world. Every single performer completely rocked the stage tonight with their roles polished to such splendid quality. The hyperactive energy was flowing throughout the show with it’s catchy numbers and slick ’80s jokes. It’s vibrant, hilarious and strangely sexy and those elements put The Wedding Singer in a league of its own. This is a musical that is becoming more unmissable the more it plays and I’d suggest you try your best to catch this on tour.

Tickets are still available for The Wedding Singer tour, Check out their website right here for more details.



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