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The Christmas Season is upon us and what better way to get in the spirit than to watch a seasonal show at your local theatre. One local group, BOST Musicals based in Liverpool, have enjoyed an extended Christmas this year – rehearsing for Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” since the height of summer.

White Christmas is based on the 1954 film you may know, starring Bing Crosby and co. 10 years after being at war together, a group of old comrades find themselves, each-other and love along the way. Showbiz stars Bob Wallace and Phil Davis follow new flames Betty and Judy to Vermont on a whim where they meet their old General. Struggling with the Inn that he’s plunged his life savings into, Bob and Phil come up with the perfect solution.

It’s Christmas spirit, love and friendship all wrapped up.

The show is filled with some very pleasant numbers – White Christmas being the most popular, of course. More obvious still, the script is particularly traditional and BOST presented the production in this manor too. BOST have managed to fill a large stage with a professional set that is worthy of the theatre that it is presented in.

The show is comfortably paced and for that reason makes a good recommendation for those a little older. I expect that those who may have grown up with the film will enjoy this performance and that it will bring back very good memories.

Large dance scenes and company numbers are particularly enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the “White Christmas Dancers” who are superbly talented as a group. Graeme Henderson also impresses with his tap solos.

The Junior Dancers clearly have great careers ahead of them too. Exceptionally talented youngsters who are confident and comfortable on the stage.

In a huge cast of 82 talented performers of all ages it almost seems unfair to single individuals out and with a production team of 57 too (plus further credits and thank yous) it highlights just how much work, by how many people goes into what has to be said is a huge event.

BOST are not short of notable members but one in particular, Director Elsie Kelly, has directed 80 musicals having been permanent director for the group for 40 years. You’ll recognise Elsie for many things, more recently though as the character Noreen Maltby in Benidorm. From seasoned performers to rising stars, one of the youngest members of the cast, Chloe Fenton, can be recognised from the UK version of Dance Mums.

This production is light and enjoyable and whilst it is not a professional cast, it is a fitting tribute to the original film.

For a local group to take up the challenge of presenting a show at the Liverpool Empire – Europe’s largest 2 tiered theatre takes guts to say the least. But you know by now, this is no ordinary local theatre company. They celebrate 90 years this year, which is absolutely unheard of. You can learn more about BOST, including an impressive presentation of their history at the BOST Musicals Website.

You can book tickets to White Christmas, which plays at the Liverpool Empire until Sunday 20th November by visiting www.atgtickets.com/liverpool.

Be sure to check out “Anything Goes” and “Oliver” that this group have coming up in 2017.

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