Wilton’s Music Hall To Host ‘Boris and Sergey’s Astonishing Freakatorium’ and ‘Tatterdemalion’

Created by War Horse, Blind Summit and Handspring puppeteer, Henry Maynard and his highly skilled team of expert puppeteers who have been working together in sweaty and physically compromising conditions since 2010, Boris and Sergey’s Astonishing Freakatorium is an improvised crossover cabaret featuring tabletop puppetry and character comedy for discerningly twisted adult audiences

Following sell out runs at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes and gathering three awards, 10 five star reviews (and counting), puppetry’s Balkan bad boys Boris & Sergey; simply the greatest vaudevillian double act ever conceived for the small stage, are back in London with freak show cabaret like no other.

Starring a variety of puppet characters, Boris & Sergey follow the tragic story of Pierre le Petit Tête Gustav and his wildly deranged tap dancing companion Juan Tamino. Audiences must hold on to their hats as they delve into a titillation filled world of the macabre. Boris & Sergey recreate traditional scenes of geeking, feats of incredible fortitude, endeavours of unimaginable physical endurance with formidable artistry, all whilst beguiling with their roughish wit and erudite jocularity.

Boris faces El Pollo Diablo (or ‘Betsy’, as he likes to call her) in a live onstage cock fight; and there is ample opportunity for audience interaction, improvisation and comedy banter between the two brothers in ‘super spooky storytime’.

The show culminates in a spine tingling séance, where the lines between reality and fantasy become blurred and the audience are left wondering what they have been witness to… Not for the faint hearted or those with a tendency to swoon.

Performed by the man behind puppetry’s Balkan bad boys Amused Moose Finalist Henry Maynard presents a one man show featuring puppetry, physical comedy, and mime where audiences are invited to join our hero for a silent expedition as they witness one man’s quest for a friend.

Pathos, dark humour and Victorian aesthetics combine to create a wonderful and mysterious backdrop to a surreal and poetic journey with more than a little silliness thrown in.

With clowning at the heart of this comedic piece of theatre, Henry has developed a touching, absurd and often magical show, which explores the themes of loneliness and belonging side by side with joy and exhilaration.

About Flabbergast Theatre

Flabbergast Theatre was set up to make uncompromising and exciting physical theatre drawing on the Bunraku style of puppetry, and on their belief that all theatre should be engaging and sweaty.

Their multi award-winning hit shows include: Boris and Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure and its follow-up Boris and Sergey’s Perilous Escapade and they have devised and performed puppetry for a Paul McCartney music video and appeared in his live tour in Japan and a music video for Plan B to be released later this year.

www.flabbergasttheatre.co.uk / @FlabbergastT / @Boris_Sergey



SHOW: Boris & Sergey’s Astonishing Freakatorium

VENUE: Wilton’s Music Hall, Graces Alley, London E1 8JB

DATE: 9th – 13 May 2017

TIME: 9th & 10th 7:30pm // 11th – 13th 9pm

PRICE: £10.50 – £17.50

BOOKING: https://www.wiltons.org.uk/whatson/298-boris-sergey-s-astonishing-freakatorium  //  0207 702 2789

(20% off when you book to see Tatterdemalion on the same night)

SHOW: Tatterdemalion

VENUE: Wilton’s Music Hall, Graces Alley, London E1 8JB

DATE: 11th – 13 May 2017

TIME: 7:30pm

PRICE: £10.50 – £17.50

BOOKING: https://www.wiltons.org.uk/whatson/299-tatterdemalion  //  0207 702 2789

(20% off when you book to see Boris & Sergey’s Astonishing Freakatorium on the same night)


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