Wilton Hall To Host The Contemporary Shakespeare Play ‘Othello’

·         Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory and English Touring Theatre present a contemporary reimagining of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy

·         A modern retelling that focuses on anti-Muslim prejudice and ‘alternative facts’

·         Following a critically-acclaimed run at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Theatres

·         16 May – 3 June, Wilton’s Music Hall

There is less than a month to go before one of Shakespeare’s most contemporary plays, Othello, comes to Wilton’s Music Hall for a limited number of performances, following on from a critically acclaimed run at the renowned Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol. A masterful depiction of a life torn apart by racism and the destructive nature of prejudice, this modern retelling takes the timeless tale of love, jealousy and injustice and reimagines it in the present day. Richard Twyman’s urgently relevant production focuses on anti-Muslim prejudice and ‘alternative facts’.

The tale of a Muslim general employed by a western colonial power to lead their army against Turkish invasion, the tragic play sees Othello face the difficulties of assimilating into a society riven by discrimination, fear and mistrust. Manipulated by Iago and his whispered mistruths, this begins to take its toll and his life quickly unravels as he turns on all he holds dear as paranoia and delusion take over.

This stellar cast includes two outstanding RADA graduates, Abraham Popoola and Norah Lopez Holden as the ‘electrifying’ fated lovers and Mark Lockyer who ‘plays the dance of nuance that haunts Iago with dazzling deftness’ with the ‘wonderful’ Katy Stephens as Emilia.

Director Richard Twyman says “Othello is one of Shakespeare’s plays that speaks most directly to our world today. This production interrogates one of the burning tensions of our age, the fear of the ‘other’ and the perception that their identity may threaten our own.”


Dates: 16 May – 3 June

Times: 7:30pm and 2:30pm
Prices: £12.50 – £25

Website: http://wiltons.org.uk/

Box Office: 020 7702 2789





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