You Win Again – Bee Gees Tribute Tour

I was looking forward to a successful theatre production based one of music’s most important legacies that has ever been left. With many great artists getting their own stage shows based on themselves; The Bee Gees have stepped into the theatre limelight to showcase their terrific back catalogue. The heartfelt ballads and upbeat disco tracks should be enough to tick the right boxes for this performance. This is the chance to learn about the evolution of such a powerful force in music. You Win Again promises to follow The Bee Gees through their triumphs and failures, but will this be a story to never forget?

You Win Again came directly from London’s West End to start a nationwide tour for fans to enjoy. The cast of Gibb brothers includes Martin Spooner (Robin), Rowan Lyle (Barry) and Yvan Silva (Maurice). The trio of talented musicians have a lot to live up to with their versions of The Brothers Gibb and with their proven pedigree this shouldn’t be a problem. There are also guest appearances of singers as well as beautiful dancers! This is a chance for you elderly folk to stand up and get to shake those booties of yours for a special night.

The performance when it came to the The Bee Gees themselves was a riveting experience. It’s near enough impossible to replicate their sound, but tonight proves that the spirit of The Bee Gees is still alive. From the disco era costumes to the ballad about Andy Gibb; the band have proven themselves worthy to perform in front of this dedicated audience. The stage set up was brightened up with neon lights and perfect mood lighting that gave a great effect to showcasing the different eras of The Bee Gees. The crowd were absolutely loving the setlist…to be honest, how could you even fault it?

Despite the narration about the band’s history, this part lacked as it felt like these facts about them were copied and pasted off Wikipedia and plonked onto a script. The documentation of their history was great when it came to costumes and music, but as this was a “story” I felt somewhat underwhelmed. The addition of backing dancers does add some excitement and variety to the performance, but this was soon hindered with a couple of members performing out of time and even with the wrong moves quite consistently. The last song, Tragedy, was a perfect send off to the night with everyone pulling their weight and smashing it.

You Win Again is triumphant if you were to label this as an ultimate tribute act rather than “The story of The Bee Gees”. There is so much you could do with the history of The Bee Gees that could have been nicely placed into a musical. The music was solid, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help to feel underwhelmed when it came to the documentation and decorative performances of You Win Again. However, You Win Again does enough to hold a firm salute to the legacy that is The Bee Gees.

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